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Better Homes and Gardens® Gary Greene Director of Strategic Initiatives Toni Nelson leads the pack for marketing strategies in the midst of the Texas real estate craze. Lucky for us, she took a break from the heat and shared her insights about real estate, staying ahead of trends, and even her favorite book in our “ten questions with” series.

  1. Which of our BHGRE® P.A.I.G.E. (Passion, Authenticity, Innovation, Growth, Excellence) core values do you identify with most, and why?

    I really identify with all of our core values because they’re important ingredients to a successful career and life. I identify the most with Passion because people who have a strong enthusiasm and desire to practice real estate are more likely to adhere to all the other core values naturally. To me, it’s a zest to be the best!

  2. What are your favorite qualities in a customer?

    Customers that expect the best and want to work with someone they feel will get them where they want to go. I enjoy working with someone that challenges you in your knowledge and tests your true motives in the transaction. In return, they receive someone that treats them like family and builds a life-long relationship.

  3. What is the one characteristic that’s helped you the most in your career?

    Early on – I learned how to ”walk in another man’s/woman’s moccasins” and view the world as they see it. This has been invaluable in real estate transactions and working with agents.

  4. What was the last book you read?

    A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink.

  5. If you weren’t in real estate, what would you be doing?

    I believe if you truly have passion for real estate – you wouldn’t be doing anything else. Hobbies, avocations like golf, yes, but as far as earning a living – I can’t imagine being in any other profession.

  6. What was the last song you heard that you couldn’t stop humming?

    “Take Your Time” by Sam Hunt.

  7. Who is your real-life hero?

    Margaret Thatcher – she was passionate, very authentic and a strong leader.

  8. What’s your favorite thing about social media?

    In this busy fast-paced world we live in where personal connectivity with everyone you know is next to impossible – it’s great to visit Facebook and find out what friends, relatives and business associates are doing.

  9. If you could sell a home in any market in the world, where would it be?

    As a big believer in market specialization, I’d only want to sell a home where I know the market, so right where I’m at is where I want to sell. Now buying would be a different story! Cabo San Lucas or the Dominion Republic – I’m always up for a warm tropical climate with golf courses.

  10. What is your favorite motto, and what advice would you give your younger self starting out in real estate?

    “Never believe that a small group of dedicated, committed people cannot change the world. Indeed, that’s the only way change has ever occurred.”
    Margaret Mead

    I think if my younger self were starting out in real estate, I’d adopt the above motto and also say to only listen to successful people and surround myself with successful people. You are who you associate with.

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