How to Tell if Your Homebuyer is Serious


It would be an amazing if everyone who acted excited about your home were just as excited about putting in an offer. Being able to read in between the lines within the real estate industry is like having a supernatural sense. As a home seller, you haven’t gone through the extensive training real estate agents have but, here are some tricks of the trade you can use to determine if your homebuyer is actually serious.

They have their pre-approval papers ready

A sure-fire sign your homebuyer is serious is if they have their pre-approval papers ready. This shows they’ve already done their research to increase their likelihood of getting the home they want.  The potential homebuyers are aware of their budget and are shopping homes for sale they know they can afford.

This is valuable to you as the seller, as pre-approval papers increase the likelihood that the seller’s lender will approve their mortgage. Thus, the offer will go through and your home will officially be sold.

The family comes to look at the home

When serious buyers are looking at homes for sale, usually the whole family is involved. It’s very rare to see someone who’s looking to purchase a new home for their family, arrive to view the home solo. A couple shopping is a positive sign: they’re looking to invest in their future together.

The prospective buyers have been shopping the market for a while

The home buying process is tedious. If a prospective buyer has been shopping the market for quite some time, they’ve invested a lot of time and effort into doing so. They want a speedy resolution as much as you do.

The prospective buyers want to know more

The longer prospective buyers spend in your home, the better it is for you as the seller. Someone who isn’t interested in a home isn’t going to spend more time looking at it then they need to. Serious buyers will start to check out the nooks and crannies of the interior, explore the exterior and be meticulous throughout their viewing. This is an excellent sign that shows they’re starting to picture your home as their own, and are trying to visualize the finer details.

With these tips, you’ll be able to see if prospective homebuyers are rushing to get out or rushing to get back into place an offer.







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