4 Key Talent Attributes of a Ninja Real Estate Professional


Ninja sales trainer Terri Johnson is a dynamic and enthusiastic speaker.

As I listened in on an exclusive training class for the Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate network, I felt her passion for the topic shine through.

As she discussed the top four key attributes all exceptional (ninja) real estate professional’s share, her enthusiasm was contagious. After all, who doesn’t want to be a Ninja? Especially a Ninja sales person!

Do You Have Ninja Skills?

4 Key Talent Attributes of a Ninja Real Estate Professional
So what exactly is a ninja? A Ninja agent is one super successful, agile and impressive real estate professional.

Modeled after the methods and philosophy of one of the most successful real estate companies in the country, the Ninja program uses unique processes, systems, and dialog developed by over 250 partners who through the program are closing an average of 44 transactions per year, per real estate professional.

In this special interview, Terri reveals the four key talent attributes of a Ninja real estate professional! Do you share these qualities?

4 Key Talent Attributes of a Ninja

The four key talent attributes of a Ninja are similar in nature to the talents required of any true professional.  Professional athletes, preeminent business leaders, medical practitioners and renowned educators possess the same core talents that are essential to becoming a great real estate professional (a Ninja).
The four talent attributes are: Character-Commitment-Capacity-Coachability.

  1. Character

Character is the inherent complex of attributes that determines a person’s moral and ethical actions and reactions.  As a real estate professional, many decisions are based on a “gut reaction.”  This requires that we often must make a determination of a person’s character based on our current situation. For instance, is this someone you would trust with the keys to your house or with a referral of friends or family?

If you receive a referral from a Ninja agent somewhere in the country, you would be confident that it would be handled professionally.  This is a likeable and trustworthy person, someone you would be excited to introduce as a member of your team?

  2. Commitment

Commitment is the trait of sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose; a very important attribute that has to do with a person’s work ethic.

Commitment means this person is willing to work hard to attain their goals.  When I look at a Ninja, I always point to their past job and performance history. Dr. Gerald Bell, the founder and CEO of Bell Leadership Institute states, “Knowing how early in life a person had a job (before the age of 14) will often indicate their reliability as adults.” Ninjas start early and work hard.

  3. Capacity

The next attribute is a capacity to perform or produce. A Ninja is skilled at immersing their mind, body and soul into multiple things at one time. They may belong to a country club, church or community center where they give freely of their time, knowledge and attention.

Ninjas also know how important it is to spend their time wisely. They get involved as often as possible within their community as they have a deep commitment to give back.

  4. Coachability

A Ninja is someone that can receive instruction and will put their knowledge into practical application to improve their performance.

A Ninja will also flourish within a proven system. They are independent, but not to the point where they are un-coachable. A ninja is a team player and always eager to give towards the greater good of the office.

Each Ninja talent can be cultured and enhanced over time. Together they form the fundamental foundation crucial to long term success. Are you a Ninja?

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