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In our relentless effort to be better, the theme of today’s episode of the Be Better Podcast is motivation. And what better way to motivate ourselves than listening to host Kim Haynie put co-host Donald Kelly in the hot seat? Find out how Donald motivates himself (and how you can motivate yourself) on today’s episode of Be Better.

Why did Donald start his company?

  • Ever since he was a child, Donald has been interested in entrepreneurship. And because he was surrounded by salespeople in his family, to him, sales was just how you made money.
  • As a middle schooler, he sold candy around his neighborhood, which later led to a college education and a career in selling. 
  • While he made good money, he wanted to do better. So, he listened to books, podcasts, YouTube videos, and any resources he could find.
  • This determination introduced him to a peer named Jared, who launched a podcast.
  • He interviewed Donald on his show, and Donald did so well Jared suggested he launch his own podcast. So, he did.

Donald started his podcast as a side-hustle.

  • Donald’s podcast grew slowly but surely, and people began to ask if he could speak at and coach their organizations.
  • In 2015, he made the leap to make his side hustle his full-time business.
  • He didn’t know where his podcast was going to take him. But, because of how he grew up, entrepreneurship was in his blood. 

Have that vision of what you want. 

  • The path you want to get to might not be the one you initially expected.
  • Donald had no clue where his life would lead, but the success he worked toward resulted in a successful business that has created meaningful opportunities for him. 

What is Donald’s favorite part about running his own business?

  • Seeing the transformation happening in people’s eyes and their team
  • As a sales professional, there were times he thought he was simply wasting his time.
  • Because of personal events, Donald wanted to provide for his family. He wanted his family to feel secure in their lifestyle.
  • That feeling is what fuels him to help his clients today. He enjoys providing the tools and knowledge people need to provide for themselves and their families.

Donald’s final takeaway for this episode? Listen to other people’s success to raise your level of thinking. You can achieve so much more than you think you can. So whether you’re a high schooler or a seasoned career professional, don’t limit your potential. For more great content from Donald (outside of hosting the Be Better Podcast), follow him on LinkedInInstagram, or visit his website. In addition, his upcoming book, Sell It Like A Mango, is available for pre-order now on Amazon.

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