Spring’s Here and So Are a New Batch of Buyers and Sellers: 3 Tips to Identify New Prospects


Spring comes a with a multitude of homeowners looking for a real estate agent to sell their home. Implement these spring real estate marketing tips to make this year’s peak season your most profitable one yet.  Ensure your prospects understand the value and importance of listing their home or buying a home during the spring season. 

Tip #1: Get involved with events

After the winter season, people are eager to get out and enjoy themselves. You’ll see plenty of local events being scheduled across the cities or towns. From gardening shows to charity walks, music festivals and much more, these represent perfect opportunities to meet prospects in your area.

Fill your schedule with local events and sponsor the ones you can’t attend for a unique way to market your real estate services.

Community events also allow you to reach out, educate, and market to homeowners as well as potential homebuyers. Such events enable you to build rapport with prospects while branding yourself as the expert. Being active in the community also separates you from direct competitors, as you show your prospects that you are a real estate agent who goes above and beyond.

Tip #2: Spend weekends at garage sales

If there are no local events, spend the weekends attending garage sales. Many homeowners will host a garage sale prior to listing their home on the market in an effort to declutter. This event allows them to clear out items and stage their home before bringing a real estate agent on board. You want that real estate agent to be you. Start scanning the local newspaper for garage sales and pay attention to the ones that mention a “moving sale.”

Additionally, if you have clients that need to declutter, encourage them to have a garage sale a week after listing their home on the market. Doing so will bring plenty of potential homebuyers to the area to view the home and generate interest. Weed out quality leads from ones “just looking”; invest time and effort wisely.  Have print marketing materials available on a table for the attendees to take at their leisure.  

Tip #3: Create spring-enriched email campaigns

While other real estate agents are sending generic email templates to their prospects, you can create a competitive advantage with “spring-enriched” content. Provide leads with valuable advice that also brands you as the real estate agent of the season. For example, send email tips to increase curb appeal after a rough winter or spring real estate selling mistakes as potential topics.As long as your email and marketing campaigns are specific to the season and bring value to the prospects, you should see a positive response.

Successful prospecting starts with creative, tailored marketing for the season. 

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