Six Philosophies Winning Companies Share

Six Philosophies Winning Companies Share

As part of the Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate monthly talent attraction discussion series for network brokers and managers, Eric Post, VP and co-owner of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Realty Partners in Oregon, shared a considerable amount of valuable insight with our network into what it takes to build a winning company.

I was really excited to speak with Eric; I admire his energy and passion and I knew he had a lot to share with our network, and the timing seemed perfect.

Recently named a “2012 Up and Comer” by REAL Trends, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Realty Partners has achieved many accomplishments over the last year. After many months of trimming the budget and committing to a campaign that would “organically and aggressively” grow the company, Eric agreed to share his company’s strategies and philosophies that he believes all winning companies share.

Creating a Balanced Life

If you happen to friend Eric on Facebook or follow him on Twitter, you will see a man who understands the value of balance. He works hard to play hard and this attitude seems to play a considerable role in his many achievements. Whether it is hanging off a snow-covered mountain, smiling on a school bus with his daughter or the pictures involving his Father’s Day Spartan Race, it is apparent that Eric is a man with drive, determination and a very big heart.

When I asked him how he juggles personal and professional activities, Eric shared one of his biggest success secrets. He schedules appointments with himself, not only professionally, but personally as well. Time with his family, time at the gym and time spent building his business all go on the calendar. In an industry where it is easy to put in 80 hour weeks, Eric knows that the key to success is setting aside personal time. For him, the happier, healthier and more balanced he is, the better business partner he will be.

Six Philosophies of a Winning Team

  1. Develop a Culture of Growth

Investing in employees is the number one priority of winning companies. At Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Realty Partners, Eric takes an active role in the development and success of his agents. The company goal is to create sustainability through systems, support and technology.

  2. Define Your Target

The five things Eric looks for in a potential team member are:

• Passion for the business or as he calls it, a “fire in the belly”
• Hungry and a need for consistent income
• Drama free for the sake of the team
• Willingness to contribute to the greater good of the team
• Invested in the growth and expansion of the team

  3. Allocate the Appropriate Resources

Creating a realistic budget allows winning companies to track expenses and properly allocate resources. Just as overspending can equal the death of any business, so can under spending or underutilizing primary resources. Manage your budget and use your assets wisely.

  4. You Must ‘Do the Work’

Shirking responsibilities is not an option for a winning company. Whatever it is that must be done in your day, just get it done. Remember: Your daily activities should support your ultimate goal. Make no excuses on your road to success.

  5. Measure the Results

Pay close attention to what is working and what is not working within your business. You cannot effectively lead or manage your team if you do not measure your results

  6. Make it Systematic

The biggest mistake many companies make is not taking full advantage of technology. Leverage what you have available to maintain consistency and flow within your day. Train your team to be accountable in their support of the overall vision.

What are your company philosophies? Do you have a clearly defined set of values or a firm layout of how your company growth will actually occur? Are all of your team players on the same page?

As the first half of 2012 quickly closes in, take the time to reflect and make changes necessary to finish the year strong.

Thank you to Eric Post for his wisdom and willingness to give his time and knowledge!

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