Simple Steps to Building a Better Business Plan

Simple Steps to Building a Better Business Plan

As 2011 winds down, many agents find that building a business plan for the coming year is easier said then done.  Creating your 2012 business plan may feel like an overwhelming task, especially when you stare face down into a blank sheet of paper.

The truth is that treating your business plan as a clean slate offers a fresh start.  You now have the opportunity to decide what your future will look like.

Whether you are new to the real estate industry or an established agent, designing rather then dreaming about your future is vital to your success.  Simply put, a business plan is a snapshot of what you are about, what matters most to you and where you plan on focusing your energy and attention.

At Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate we are committed to bringing you the latest technology and tools to simplify this must-do task.  Our Planning for Success Program was designed to offer a quick and easy way to craft your personal real estate business plan.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Business Planning Tool

Begin with the Right Ingredients

Keeping in line with the Better Homes and Gardens magazine formula, we created our Planning for Success program like a recipe.

Think about your business plan as it relates to baking your favorite chocolate chip cookies.  Your first step is locating all of the necessary ingredients. Once you have the flour, chocolate chips, sugar and other items ready to go, you now begin by mixing the appropriate amounts together. As you add one ingredient to the next, you will eventually begin to see your dough take shape.

In the end, you have created a delicious chocolate chip cookie that came as a result of your planning and follow through.

Simple Steps to Building a Better Business Plan

Planning your future is no different.  It takes the right mix of ingredients for a successful plan to formulate.

In the Planning for Success program we give you the simple steps to building a better business plan. We identified four ingredients that every successful real estate agent business plan must contain.

  1. A clear outline of your production goals

  2. How you will generate leads for your business

  3. Develop what methods you will use for communication

  4. Determine what pillars your marketing strategy will contain

Business planning takes time and commitment. The above ingredients are a mix designed to get you started.  How you execute the plan will depend on the overall outcome.

Get started today on your 2012 business plan with our FREE planning for success business planning tool.

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