Recruiting Objections: 3 Scripts to Handle Any Excuse


Every broker must properly handle recruiting objections. A real estate agent may not want to join your team at this time, but you want to remain professional to ensure the door of opportunity remains open. The tools you use can offer insight, perspective and valuable information that could change a real estate agent’s mind. With these recruiting scripts, you can accept a real estate agent’s objection while continuing to sell your brokerage services to them.

Objection: I’m not ready for a change.

An agent may not like the idea of change, but it’s inevitable within the real estate industry. While the agent may decline to join your company at this time, they may be looking to make the transition in the future. Here’s an excellent recruiting script to handle this objection:

“Change can be scary, but it can also be exciting. The real estate industry is constantly evolving, and often, change is needed in order to achieve a competitive edge. (Your company) provides the tools and support needed for real estate agents to grow with the industry.  It could be all the change you need to reach your pinnacle of success. We understand at this time that you’re not interested in making the transition to a different broker.  However, if you do find yourself in need of change in the future, we would like to meet with you as soon as possible.

(Your company) is interested in real estate agents just like you. Your experience coincides with our goals. We have a great team of professionals that I am looking forward to introducing to you.”

Objection: I don’t see a reason to change brokers.

A real estate agent who is successful and comfortable may not see the value of making the transition to your company. However, real estate agents need a broker that stays current with industry trends in order to prevail. Here’s an excellent recruiting script that can be used for handling this objection:

“People don’t always see the need for a change until they experience the change itself.  The real estate industry is expected to grow, introducing new technology and tactics that will revolutionize the industry. It’s important to have a broker that is current with the times, and more importantly, evolving as the industry continues to change.

So, ask yourself, is your company keeping up with the trends? Do they provide the necessary tools required to succeed within the industry?

If not, (Your company) would love to discuss your future. We are always at the forefront of the industry, equipped with revolutionary technology, support systems and facilities to give our real estate agents a competitive advantage.”

Objection: I’m happy with my current broker.

The real estate agent may like working with their current broker. They’re happy, and a change may seem unreasonable. Happiness is important, but it doesn’t always result in sales. Use a recruiting script that educates them on the elements of success. Here is a sample script:

“That’s excellent! A good experience with your broker is crucial to reaching your pinnacle of success. However, happiness doesn’t always result in success. In fact, you can be more successful and just as happy. If you’re interested in joining a team of highly effective, successful and supportive real estate agents in the future, I would love to introduce you to our team at (Your company).”

The more precisely you handle objections, the better chances you have of receiving the outcome you want. Tailor your rejection scripts, and ensure the specifics mentioned pertain to the agent you’re addressing. A direct, personable approach will evoke emotion and entice the real estate agent to consider your brokerage.

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