Tech-Focused Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas to Get More Leads

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the value of a video for ambitious real estate agents. Videos make it possible for potential buyers to tour a property and find a house from the comfort of their own space. Learn more about tech-focused real estate video marketing ideas to get more leads and sell more properties.

Classic Listing Video

Few marketing tools are more effective than the classic listing video. Sometimes a series of photos are used to create a simple video. Another option is to walk through the location to film each room and area. A walk-through video makes people imagine themselves being with the agent, viewing every space in the home. Because of its realistic perspective, this type of video is used to inspire emotion and interest in a property. Plus, classic listing videos are easy to share on social media as well as image and video sharing sites.

360 Video Tours Make it Feel Real

The increasing popularity of 360 video tours shows the power of using 3D imagery for a realistic experience. People have control over the video, with the ability to focus on specific areas of the house. While these videos are more costly and time-consuming to make, they are an excellent tool to market homes to national buyers. Buyers in other states get an authentic feel for a property to determine if they want to make the trip to view it in-person. And, busy luxury buyers appreciate the opportunity to tour properties in-depth without leaving the boardroom or their home theater.

Live Video Tours Create a Sense of Urgency

Savvy agents harness the power of social media to generate more leads. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents can tap into a vast network of social media opportunities to maximize their marketing efforts. Now social media is being used to share live streaming video and connect with interested parties right away. Live video tours on sites such as Facebook and SnapChat are a way to communicate with tech enthusiasts who want to buy homes. Watching a live tour creates a sense of urgency because viewers know other people on social media will see the house. Plus, it attracts a broad audience ranging from millennials to boomers who are ready to buy homes.

Aerial Video Tours Showcase Vast Properties

Showing every detail of a large home and property can be nearly impossible during a brief video tour and a series of photographs. Aerial video tours are the perfect way to showcase the majesty and magnitude of vast properties, such as waterfront estates and rolling farmland. Whether the buyer is searching for a summer oasis by the sea or a farm with plenty of land and outbuildings, aerial tours provide a bird’s eye view. Buyers can see where the house is situated on the property and the proximity to local features such as waterfront areas and highways.

Interview a Client

A compelling way for an agent to prove his or her worth is to interview clients. Talk to former buyers and sellers about their success stories. Ask them about filming a brief interview to share on social media and in blog articles. Sharing testimonials from happy clients, along with their personal experiences, helps agents build trust and a reputation as a professional. If a client faced challenges, encourage them to share the story to inspire a can-do attitude in other buyers and sellers. When people hear upbeat stories, they are more likely to contact the agent who helped create them.

Provide Meaningful Tips

Agents can also show their expertise by sharing essential tips in videos for specific target markets. For example, videos on home staging and how to prepare a house for sale would appeal to sellers. Video sharing details about how to qualify for a mortgage and features to look for in a home are attractive to sellers. Include contact information at the end of the video for viewers to ask questions and learn more. Sharing useful information establishes authority and helps agents show how they can help.

Connect With the Community

People buy more than a home – they are purchasing a lifestyle in a specific community. Buyers want to know about the neighborhood and what it offers. Create videos interviewing local business owners about the benefits of their establishment. Film local events, such as parades and art shows, to inspire a sense of community. Take videos of local parks, beaches, and wildlife refuges to show the beauty of the area. The goal is to show what makes the neighborhood a wonderful place to live and work. Add a call to action and contact information at the end of each video.

Share Essential Housing Market Updates

Use live video to share essential market updates on social media. These videos can be used to complement blog posts sharing this news. Offer the latest information on housing in the region, interest rates, property tax updates, and more. Discuss whether it is currently a buyer’s or seller’s market and what that means. Agents can become a go-to resource for housing data by creating videos to keep people informed. When viewers are ready to buy or sell property, they will remember the agent who provided meaningful information. Use real estate video marketing ideas to build a brand, establish trust, and start generating more leads. Whether a client wants to find a house or sell one, prove the value of using an agent – and the latest video marketing strategies – to make it happen.

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