Fun Ways to Fine-Tune Your Real Estate Social Media Strategy


Social media marketing is serious business. REALTORS® boost their brands by sharing on social media. But after a while, the property descriptions start to sound the same.REALTORS® need creativity and innovative ideas to become popular on social media. And with popularity comes increased profits. Discover some fun ways to fine-tune your real estate social media strategy.

Social Media Savvy

Get to know the neighborhood people and where they gather online. Some community organizations frequently post on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These posts attract a local audience. Connect with area businesses, organizations, and influencers on the social media sites they use most. And be aware of growing new sites that might open up a new market before everyone else discovers them. For example, Time reports Vero, a social media site competing with Instagram, reached the top of Google Play’s free app list and ranked second in popularity at Apple’s App Store. Have fun with new and old social media sites.

Get Personal

Business updates are an essential element of a robust marketing campaign. But it takes more to be noticeable and memorable. Get personal with potential clients, so they remember you. Share photos of your office online, showcasing your favorite features. Post a picture of you and your staff having a great time at a local event. Share a milestone moment that changed your approach to business. Explain what makes working in real estate different from any other profession. Encourage young people to consider it as a future career. Offer to speak at local schools and to scouting troops. Share a compelling quote about business on your social media accounts. If you need inspiration, visit a site such as BrainyQuotes.

Become a Neighborhood Know-it-All

People want to know the latest happenings in their town. Become a neighborhood guru and be the go-to resource for local news. Go beyond the general updates provided by news sites and stations. Get into the mix and share significant updates on social media. Showcase a campaign to raise funds for a local disabled person. Announce the local bake-off or community barbecue. Feature a business in the area every week. Let people know where to go for everything from salads to senior activities. And supporting local businesses is a lowkey way to encourage them to refer people to your agency.

Charity Starts at Home and the Office

Participate in charitable events in your hometown. Contribute both personally and professionally. Bring your family to attend a charity dinner and share photos on social media. Support local causes by displaying collection brochures and bins in your office. Become a Toys for Tots drop-off location during the holiday season. Announce your participation on social media, so people know where to go to make contributions. Join a local walk-a-thon or marathon. Encourage others to join on social media or ask them to sponsor your real estate office. Let them know how enjoyable it can be to support charities together.

Tickle Their Funny Bone

Does real estate and laughter go hand-in-hand? They should, especially since home is where the heart is. While a house is a substantial financial investment, a home is a place people make beautiful memories. And most of them include plenty of laughs. Tickle the funny bone of potential clients by sharing real estate jokes on social media. A quick Pinterest search for real estate humor and cartoons yields hundreds of hilarious results. Peruse joke websites, such as LaffGaff, to find a few funny ones to share.

Serve Up Tasty Eye Candy

Owning high-tech photography equipment is a notable advantage for real estate agents. But a real estate agents with a creative perspective can stand out from the crowd using a smartphone or old digital camera. Look at properties with a fresh eye. What makes the property one-of-a-kind? Unusual plant formations, colorful wall murals, or a stained glass window with a whimsical design are all potential options. Or add a funny description to an eye-catching image to make it more enticing. Selling real estate is very visual, and people appreciate tasty eye candy.

Sharing is Caring

Let everyone know real estate agents know how to have a good time with their clients. After a closing, take photos with your clients making funny faces. Hold up signs with an enthusiastic statement about moving into the neighborhood. Take a short video of everyone jumping up and down for joy. Share how much you care about clients being happy in their new homes.

Finding fun ways to customize your real estate social media strategy sets you apart from other brokers. Reach beyond the traditional marketing techniques. Share unforgettable social media posts that keep people smiling and coming back for more. A sense of humor enhances all the other senses and makes people want to know you. Communication builds trust and this helps build your real estate business.

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