Real Estate Roundup – September 29, 2017


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What Does it Take to be a ‘Luxury’ Property?
Luxury is subjective in the real estate market. According to Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Tech Valley’s Steven Girvin, luxury home buyers are not necessarily looking for a large home; they are prioritizing privacy.

AI is Changing How Real Estate Professionals Do Business
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are beginning to shape the real estate field, affecting renters, buyers and real estate professionals alike.

Traditional Real Estate Brokerage Firms Get Hit by Wave Consolidation
As Internet upstarts and new technology aim to change the real estate market, there has been a wave of consolidations taking hold across the country.

5 Ways to Make a Buyer’s First Home Purchase Less Stressful
The agent is responsible for helping first-time buyers get up to speed and find the right home. Find out how.

Existing Home Sales Drop to Lowest Point Since Last Year
Existing home sales decreased for the fourth time in the past five months to a one-year low as housing supply continues to hold back sales, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Why It’s a Better Time for Buyers on a Budget to Purchase a Home
The median price of an existing home has dropped for the second month in a row in August to $253,500, as compared to $263,300 in June.

Show Me the Door Award Winners for 2017 Announced
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Rand Realty won the best overall award at the 2017 “Show Me the Door” awards.

Brace for Impact: A Look at Real Estate After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma
Areas in Texas and Florida are still recuperating from the recent hurricanes. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene partner, Mark Woodroof, describes the cleanup efforts currently underway in the Houston area.

This is the Hottest Real Estate Market in the Country – By Far
The Pacific Northwest has seen the biggest spike of homes prices in the country. The price of single family homes has increased 13.5 percent in the past 12 months – more than twice the national average of 5.9 percent.

Flip, Rent or Hold: What’s the Best Path to Real Estate Riches?
After the boom and bust of the speculative home-flipping market, prospective buyers are once again looking to get rich quick as real estate investors. There are several options for investing which require varying levels of commitment.

6 Surprising Benefits of Buying or Selling Your Home in the Fall
There are several benefits to buying or selling a home in the fall, including the fact that the prime buying and selling season is over.

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