Real Estate Resource Roundup – 7/15/16

Real Estate Resource Roundup –

We can’t tell what’s hotter, the summer weather or the housing market!

Check out all the latest news and industry updates in this week’s real estate resource roundup:

Homeownership Builds Wealth & Offers Stability
A recent survey reveals the two major reasons Americans prefer owning their own home instead of renting. Details here.

Home Sales Are High—but if Not for Low Inventory, They’d Be Even Higher
The biggest challenge in the current market seems to be the low inventory, which is holding back sales, but some say it’s also preventing even higher prices.

Men’s Homes More Profitable Than Women’s
Homes owned by single men have a 10% greater value, and appreciate 16% more than homes owned by single women, according to an analysis released by RealtyTrac. The cause cycles back to the gender wage gap.

Exceptions To The Rule: Big Cities Where Home Remain Affordable
Cities that offer plentiful jobs for educated young adults — New York, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington — have become prohibitively expensive home markets. Then there are the exceptions.

Student Debt and Affordability Create Rift Between Homeowners and Renters
There’s a considerable gap in morale between homeowners and renters, according to the latest installment of the National Association of REALTORS®. Find out what it means for the market.

Pokémon Go — Is There a Real Estate Angle?
Pokemon Go is the latest app to sweep the country! Find out if there’s a way to capitalize on the craze and pivot your real estate angle.

Tiny Houses are Trendy, Minimalist, and Often Illegal
One of the biggest, (and smallest!) housing trends of recent years could be ignoring laws and codes. Learn more here.

Why US Real Estate Investors Could Benefit From Brexit
Real estate investors in the U.S. may want to take advantage of the recent Brexit decision, as it impacts the U.K.’s housing market.

The Ten Healthiest Cities in The U.S.
The more you know, the better you can serve your clients! Check out the ten healthiest cities in the nation.

In case you missed it here on Clean Slate, we shared the top 5 questions to ask potential homebuyers. As always, be sure to follow #BHGRE on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

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