Five Innovative Real Estate Marketing Tips You Never Thought of Before


Shiv Nadar wisely said, “Adaptability and constant innovation is key to the survival of any company in a competitive market.” Real estate is a competitive industry. Creativity and marketing are crucial to achieve success and continue to build a thriving business. Try one or more of these five innovative real estate marketing tips you never thought of before.

Maximize and Repurpose Content

Some real estate agents write or film their promotional content. Others hire professional writers, photographers, and videographers to do it. Often the material only gets used once as a blog article or marketing piece. Make the most of this investment of time and money. Repurpose the content in various ways to maximize its potential and reach more people. A simple example is to turn video content into blog posts. Real estate pros post informational sessions on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. A transcriptionist can transcribe this content to use as a blog article, with the video embedded into the post.

Another option is to rewrite blog posts into inspiring articles to post on LinkedIn. Consider combining two or three blog posts about the same topic. Highlight the informational parts and combine them into an information piece. LinkedIn offers excellent exposure and helps real estate agents connect with other industry professionals. Consider submitting these types of posts to business and real estate sites as guest posts. Solicit the content to the site owner or look for places that accept guest articles. Another option is to comment on other blogs then inquire if they would like additional material about the subject.

The Sky’s The Limit

Traditional video and photos are visual marketing tools that effectively help REALTORS® sell properties. For generations, real estate agents advertise homes with detailed descriptions and images of the most appealing parts of the house. Take photography to the next level by showing homes from an entirely different perspective.

Aerial images and video are the latest visual methods used to sell real estate. This technique is especially compelling for real estate and commercial properties that have various outbuildings and external features. Consumers can see the home or building from all angles, including its exact location within the community.

Keep Them Separated Then Get Them Together

Just five years ago, it was an accomplishment for a real estate business to have one interactive website. Now savvy REALTORS® recognize the possibility of maintaining multiple sites for various purposes. From storytelling to marketing specific properties, separate websites can drive more targeted traffic to a real estate agent’s offerings.

For example, many top-tier real estate agents create unique websites for luxury properties. Potential buyers receive a URL where they can fully explore the house, its features, and what it looks like from all angles. Often these luxury sites have 3D tours, professional images, and pertinent facts about the home and neighborhood. Another possibility is to maintain a storytelling blog about real estate experiences, clients stories, and more. Post snippets at the official real estate blog and encourage people to visit it. Link to your real estate site within the content posted on the storytelling blog. Cross-promotions increase traffic and interest in the business.

Focus On The Community

Respected real estate professionals become pillars of the community. Real estate agents are continually marketing properties and get to know quite a bit about the neighborhood. Successful real estate agencies position themselves as community experts.

One way to do this is posting about local events, charities, and businesses on a blog and the company’s social media accounts. Another method is to add local pages to the primary real estate site. Each page highlights a different town and what makes it unique, such as recreational facilities, shopping, and restaurants. Adding these pages also helps improve local SEO.

Strengthen Your Home Page

The home page of a real estate agent’s website makes the first impression on clients. The real estate agency only has a few seconds to impress online visitors. Look at your home page with an objective eye. It should load quickly and be easy to navigate. The content must include localized keywords, including long tail keywords phrases, which reach out to a specific target market. Consider refining your niche market to focus on three or four particular types of clients, such as seniors and first-time home buyers or people looking for a ranch or cottage style home.

Eliminate old images or tired content that needs refreshing. Add a 30 to 60-second video about the business on the home page. The video should outline what the agency does, how it delivers results to its clients, and include a brief testimonial or two in support of these statements. Videos can be as formal or informal as the agency itself. The goal is for people to learn about the company in less than a minute and make them want to find out more.

Achieve success through creativity and innovation. Use these cutting-edge real estate marketing tips to gain exposure and resonate with more clients.

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