Real Estate Marketing Tactics to Try in the Second Half of 2016

Real Estate Marketing Tactics to Try in the Second Half of 2016 -

There’s a new level of normalcy for real estate marketing in 2016. Times have certainly changed, and things you may not have ever heard of before—or even thought of as being possible—are quickly becoming “musts” within the real estate industry. Several of the new real estate marketing opportunities focus on technology to make the entire process easier.

Aerial Photography with Drones

The FAA has recently approved drones to be used for commercial, for-profit use. Although there are strict guidelines to follow at this time, they are expected to be revised in easier terms. As such, many real estate agents will be able to use drone photography to showcase properties from new angles, with stunning views. YouTube is also a top video research destination for home shoppers, making this new technology a tool for real estate agents to boost marketing efforts as 2016 continues.

Digital Storytelling with Video

Drones are also excellent at capturing full videos of properties, which provide real estate agents the opportunity to give walk-throughs of homes for sale, right from the Internet. If you don’t have a drone available, consider using a phone with a good camera to capture a video tour as well, and then share it online via social media and your website. This practice promotes efficiency, productivity, and has the potential to bring more business. With the rise in video research for home buyers, this real estate marketing technique has begun to climb across social media platforms. Real estate agents can use their digital content to market to a wider range of potential clients, with very little effort needed.

Live Broadcasts

In addition to pre-recorded video, live broadcasts are also expected to thrive in the second half of 2016. With apps such as Periscope, or the live recording option directly from Facebook timelines, real estate agents can live-stream any event they want, from homebuyer tips to curb-appeal design seminars. With live-streaming usage jumping—Facebook alone boasts 8 billion video views per day on average, and Facebook Live videos have organically reached hundreds of thousands of impressions for brands—this is a real estate marketing trend that will continue to grow in 2016.

Mobile-Friendly Real Estate Websites

A staggering 90% of homebuyers search online during the home buying process, and mobile-friendly real estate websites are absolutely in demand. Consumers actively use their mobile devices now to find homes for sale as well as real estate agent services, and in order to become a successful agent, a mobile-friendly, responsive website is necessary to acquire new business. As you create or upgrade your digital marketing materials, be sure to speak with your graphic designer or webmaster about your website’s responsiveness and mobile capabilities.

Advances in technology have opened up a new world for real estate agents to build their marketing strategy. You’ll now be able to customize and promote your services from anywhere, and on a wider variety of topics and platforms, which means the future of real estate marketing is not only exciting—but full of opportunities.

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