Fun Real Estate Marketing Strategies That Make People Take Action


While buying and selling real estate is a serious business, marketing should never be boring. People want to enjoy the process and benefit from it. Savvy real estate agents know how to get people to smile as they make one of the most important investments of a lifetime. Discover fun real estate marketing strategies to generate more real estate leads and get people to take action now.

Create a Distinctive Social Media Presence

Many buyers search on social media to find out about homes for sale. With everyone using social media, a general approach is no longer effective. Create a distinctive social media presence by choosing a niche market, such as first-time home buyers or investors. Join real estate groups and use hashtags to search for related topics to share. Include creative marketing posts, such as memes and funny infographics, to grab attention. Plus, sharing posts encourages others to share yours, so people see them – and the latest listings.

Write a Unique Blog

An agent with a unique blog can gain the attention of search engines and potential clients. A personal blog allows an agent to express innovative ideas with a dash of humor. For example, a corporate blog might not be the right place for an article for sellers on how to avoid pulling your hair out waiting for a closing date. However, this attention-grabbing topic could be covered with humor and useful information in an agent’s blog. Add fun images that reflect the humorous tone of the articles. Remember to do keyword research and naturally infuse relevant terms into the content, titles, and metadata.

Wear Something Special for Personal Branding

Celebrities often wear a specific article of clothing or color to brand themselves. Enterprising agents can do the same thing to get noticed and remembered as they travel around town. Consider eye-catching options such as a pink tie or flowered blazer. Another option is wearing branded merchandise at all times, such as company hat or polo shirt. Affiliated Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents have a wide selection of branded apparel to wear and share with valued clients to boost lead generation.

Get a Column in the Media

Look for opportunities to write articles for outside media, such as a column in a local newspaper or a guest post for a respected blogger. Create a brief biography with a new and professional image to accompany these articles. Find natural opportunities to mention the services and listings offered by the agency without sounding sales-oriented or contrived. Develop a distinctive voice across all platforms, including social media, your blog, and outside articles. Soon people will remember your quips, quotes, and amusing imagery, and start sharing them. An agent who becomes a local celebrity gets more referrals.

Sponsor a Sports Team

People of all ages have a great time watching local sports teams. From preschoolers to adults, there are many opportunities to sponsor a neighborhood sports team. Community-minded agents do more than provide shirts and hats with the company logo. A dedicated agent attends several games to mingle with the athletes and fans while cheering the team to victory. During these memorable moments, agents can make meaningful connections – that can bring in real estate leads in the future.

Host a Neighborhood Event

Another way to show an agent’s fun-loving side is hosting a neighborhood event to celebrate a holiday, season, or local tradition. Hold the event at the office, or make it a headquarters to get information and tickets. An example is a fall party to celebrate harvesting apples and Halloween. Give candy out to the kids and have a costume contest for kids of all ages. Include engaging activities, such as a haunted house and bobbing for apples. Host the event annually to make it part of the neighborhood vibe. People will remember the office when they want to buy, rent, or sell a property.

Get Personal With People

One of the easiest ways to have a good time is to get personal with people. Find out what they like and don’t like, then tickle their funny bone by sharing jokes and cartoons. Send customized emails and text messages to people who appreciate a humorous approach. Develop a niche market based on personality rather than preferences. No matter how an agent does it, the end goal is to get more real estate leads.

Respect Personal and Professional Boundaries

While humor is healing and appealing, don’t go overboard. Stay away from jokes based on politics, religion, social status, and race. Always keep personal and professional boundaries in mind to avoid offending anyone. Focus on clean, family-friendly fun that makes anyone smile. Get to know the target audience and always respect it. Be mindful to avoid marketing mistakes that could cost an agent real estate leads rather than bring them in.

With these creative real estate marketing strategies, agents score more leads and make meaningful connections. Building positive relationships based on good times and excellent service is the best way to get future referrals.

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