Why the Top Agents Focus on Real Estate Continuing Education


The real estate market is continuously evolving and changing. Savvy agents are aware of these shifts and know how to make the most of them. Defining a viable niche and learning more about it helps a real estate agent remain profitable in all types of market conditions. Discover why the top agents focus on real estate continuing education to stay relevant and make meaningful connections with clients.

Compliance with State Regulations

One of the most apparent reasons for real estate continuing education is to comply with state regulations. A real estate agent must fulfill the specific number of continuing education hours required by state law. Failure to complete the necessary ongoing educational requirements could lead to the suspension of an agent’s license. When an agent passes the state licensing exam, it is crucial to determine the laws on continuing education to ensure compliance at all times. If the license lapses due to non-compliance, an agent can incur additional fines and penalties for doing business without a license.

The Only Constant Is Change

In the real estate industry, the only constant is change. A real estate agent is expected to know the latest market trends. Real estate continuing education is a smart way to stay updated about these changes. From taxes and the financial aspect of purchasing a home to learning fair housing laws, many courses help agents provide the highest level of expertise and service to their clients. Failing to stay on top of industry changes can mean getting left behind as the market evolves. Real estate continuing education makes agents an integral part of this inevitable evolution.

Provide Real Value to Clients

A real estate agent stands head and shoulders above the competition by providing real value to clients. Taking real estate courses helps agents learn about everything from running an auction to purchasing foreclosed homes. Sharing this pertinent information with clients helps them make the best possible decisions. When an agent can answer critical questions, they are sure to attract more clients and referrals. Become known as a local expert by posting regular blog articles on your website and share them on social media. Interact with people on social media and offer your assistance when the opportunity arises. The people you freely help today can become lucrative clients of tomorrow.

Be Aware of Relevant Local Laws

Each state and township have laws to govern the sale, purchase, and use of real property. Real estate continuing education courses help agents stay informed about the latest regulations and requirements. From disclosure to certificates of occupancy, clients want to work with an agent who understands the legal aspects of all types of real estate transactions. Many of the top agents have a reciprocal referral arrangement with one or more attorneys who can provide accurate legal advice and representation.

Open the Door to New Opportunities

While adapting to change can be challenging, it also opens the door to exciting new opportunities. For example, many people are interested in the green movement and smart homes. Learning about sustainable housing and advanced home technologies puts an agent in a position to advise these clients. New agents should take advantage of all the educational resources provided by their broker. For example, affiliated Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents have access to Seeds of Success education to help them get to work right away. And seasoned affiliated BHGRE® agents can continue learning via the Be Better University.

Broaden Your Career Horizons

A real estate agent writes his or her paycheck. The amount of this paycheck is determined by the dedication, education, and persistence of the agent. Agents learn about a wide range of subjects when they get a license and fulfill their continuing education requirements. Some agents discover they could have the experience and ability to broaden their career horizons by becoming brokers, appraisers, inspectors, notaries public, and paralegals. In the future, these agents can generate multiple streams of income from their daily activities.

Take Advantage of Accessible Education

In the past, agents had to spend precious business hours attending educational courses and seminars. Now agents can still get time with their clients and families while going to school online. Courses can be taken at the agent’s convenience. The coursework is accessible anytime and anywhere from a laptop, computer, or mobile device. As Generation Z comes of age, online education is the norm, with young real estate agents looking to take classes on mobile devices on-the-go. Older agents who take advantage of this technology can broaden their prospects and boost their income.

Agents who focus on real estate continuing education for career enrichment as well as state compliance enjoy professional status. People turn to them as a valued resource for the latest industry information. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to being a profitable and productive real estate agent.

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