How to Grow Your Real Estate Business in a Virtual World

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As working remotely becomes the temporary norm, agents and brokers are faced with new challenges. Attracting top talent and selling houses are activities usually conducted in-person. How can you add the personal touch to online communication? Discover effective ways to grow your real estate business in a virtual world.

Optimize Existing Content

A simple way to expand your current virtual presence is maximizing the content already posted on your blogs, sites, and social media. Get to know search engine optimization and put it to work for your business. Use tools such as Google Analytics to perform localized and targeted keyword research and gauge the progress of your existing campaigns. 

Maximize Your Online Presence

Take time to ensure you actively participate in all your online accounts. Make sure you are present on all leading social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. Use these platforms to showcase listings, publicize online educational opportunities for industry professionals, and connect with potential clients.

Tweak Social Media Profiles and Accounts

Are the photos and bios on your social media accounts outdated? Use images with updated hairstyles and clothing, so clients and industry professionals know what to expect when they meet you. Share ongoing updates about market conditions, industry updates, new listings, and opportunities for new agents. 

Connect with Professionals on LinkedIn

LinkedIn continues to be one of the most effective ways to connect with other professionals, as well as top talent. Create an agency and agent page for maximum exposure. Create and join industry groups to network with other real estate experts. Take advantage of the advanced search feature to connect with local professionals and attract new talent to the agency. Write and post articles to share, promoting them on other social media accounts. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate affiliated agents have access to a vast social media network to stay connected and drive traffic to their content.

Participate in Online Forums

Join online forums dedicated to real estate professionals and the industry. Forums are an opportunity to engage in real-time conversation. Create a signature that shows the agency name for brand recognition. Forums are an ideal place to share relevant content and updates that help agents and brokers make meaningful connections.

Get Interactive on Social Media

With more time for virtual activities, it makes sense to get increasingly interactive on social media. Take some of the time you would use for in-person meetings to get more involved on social media. Post surveys to find out what potential clients and agents are thinking. Host live open house tours for new listings. Offer educational seminars to help agents stay fresh and attract new talent to your business.

Virtual Meetings Matter

With the rest of the time otherwise spent on personal meetings, schedule virtual ones instead. Use virtual meeting software and tools such as FaceTime to connect with buyers, sellers, and new agents. Conduct interviews with new agents and talk to clients about the latest property updates. Use the preferred way of contact to stay in touch, such as texting or making a quick phone call. 

Become an Authority

Most agents choose a niche market to target and this creates an area of localized expertise. Become an authority by writing a series of blogs about niche topics, such as luxury real estate or first-time homebuyers. Use these articles to create an e-book to distribute on the blog and website to gather email addresses for future agency mailings. The connections made today can become the referrals of tomorrow.

Offer Podcasts and Live Tours

Dare to become a local online personality by hosting podcasts, webinars, and live tours. Educate agents by providing essential updates that are relevant to the current business world, such as tips for working remotely in real estate. Infuse personality into the videos to brand the business and become a recognizable and trustworthy authority. Connect with potential clients by providing critical real estate market updates to help them feel reassured during the challenging days ahead. An agent who provides guidance is sure to be remembered in the future.

Learning how to grow your real estate in a virtual world is inevitable as the world around us continues to change. Developing these skills out of necessity helps agents have a new skill set when regular living conditions resume. Clients will remember an agent who remains connected during these challenging days, which is one of the best ways to bring referrals in the future. Brokers will continue to realize profits, even when times are tough.

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