Personal Touches to Help Build Better Relationships with Clients


The connection you form with your clients plays a direct role in how successful you are as a real estate agent. It’s this foundation that will keep clients, past and present, coming back for your services or giving referrals. That’s why it’s crucial to provide an experience that goes beyond your clients’ expectations with personal touches.

Use a CRM System

A customer relationship management (CRM) system allows you to interact with potential prospects in a manner that will continuously drive sales. CRM systems collect a variety of data about your prospects from various sources such as social media, live chat, email, and company sites. The data is then compiled into the software to provide you with practices, technologies and strategies that can be executed to effectively communicate with prospective clients. A CRM system allows you to provide tailored communication and customer service.

Remember important dates

Remembering your clients’ important dates will allow you to form a bond that ultimately furthers the success of your business. A CRM can collect birthdays, anniversary dates, dates of sale (purchasing or selling a home), and much more. To make an impact with your efforts, take your newfound knowledge to the next level by sending your clients a postcard. While an email wishing your client a happy birthday or congratulating them on their first year in a new home is always pleasant, mailing a postcard reminds them of the extra effort you make to ensure satisfaction.

Know the family and their lifestyle

One of the most important steps to real estate success is to treat your clients as you would a friend. Remembering the finer details of their family and lifestyle allows you to create a stronger bond with your clients. When you remember the details of the family, you’re able to provide customer service that goes well beyond their expectations. A CRM system will help collect and manage such data. The next time you see your clients, ask how little Tommy likes his new school. They will see you as a friend, not a real estate agent.

Communicate the right way

It’s amazing just how effective it is to use someone’s first name in a conversation. It adds a personal touch to your communication, which helps your clients feel connected to you and lets them know they are more than just a number. Whether communicating via email, telephone or face-to-face, get in the habit of using first names to create an unbreakable bond with each one of your clients.

The way you communicate with your clients plays a huge impact on your overall success as a real estate agent. However, doing so requires you to remember an abundance of information, which can quickly become overwhelming without the use of a CRM system. Let that be your first step to building stronger relationships with your clientele and the rest will follow.


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