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Great leadership looks different to everyone. In today’s episode of the Be Better Podcast, Donald is joined by the CEO and co-founder of Better Homes and Gardens Native American Group, Susan Jenkins, to learn what she values in leadership and how she embraces those traits in her work.

It’s got to be deeper than money – a ‘why’ must be answered.

  • In 2001, a family member approached Susan, said she’d be a great realtor, and offered to pay for her real estate school.
  • She wanted to incorporate her Native American heritage into her work, so she and her husband founded their real estate brokerage.
  • During the market crash in 2008, she and her company worked with foreclosed homes and developed a thriving practice. 

If she can help one person, it’s worthwhile.

  • Susan looks to help marginalized and overlooked people find the opportunity and success to support their families for generations to come.
  • There are many people she realizes have tremendous potential for greatness; they just need a network of support. Susan’s goal is to be that support.

Being a servant leader:

  • To Susan, being a servant leader means investing in your clients, showing them the ins and outs of the business, and teaching them how to work through the nuances of real estate.
  • Put people first. At her brokerage, Susan offers loans to the people in her organization to help them get through tough spots – she wants to give everyone the path to success.
  • Her role is to find overlooked people, encourage them, invest, and teach them to be successful. They just need someone to lead them.
  • Many people she meets have fear and doubt about their abilities. She helps them believe they have the right to be in the space.

Susan’s parting advice? You have value and worth. There is something unique inside you that nobody else has. So find your tribe of people who elevate you to that next position, and don’t be afraid to reach for it.

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