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Mindfulness means paying attention to one thing at a time and remaining focused on your thoughts. Real estate agents rush through their day, often jumping from one stressful situation into another. Mindful living tips help agents slow down and consider the best ways to deal with challenges. Discover how living mindfully can help improve real estate agent skills and help agents connect with more prospects.

Time Is Money

Agents often focus on their calendars because time is money. When closing a deal means paying the bills, agents get anxious – and it shows. People sense when an agent is stressed, and it repels prospects. Stress is contagious, and nobody wants to be around it. As a result, harried agents could miss out on valuable networking opportunities. Tap into a skill from childhood and count to five before taking action. Slow down before making a phone call, rushing to an open house, or sending an email. Consider your goals and how to approach the situation for the best possible outcome. Taking a few minutes to focus can save agents hours down the road.

Just Breathe

One of the easiest ways to practice mindfulness is deep breathing. Hurried agents may not realize they are holding their breath or panting from anxiety. While meditation and yoga are often associated with mindfulness, it all starts with regulated breathing. When the day begins to get away from an agent, it’s time to lower the lights and breathe. Take five minutes in a quiet place to breathe deeply and focus on each breath. Instead of grabbing a caffeinated beverage, take time out to regain your composure. Setting aside a few minutes helps agents relieve stress naturally, so they are ready to interact comfortably with clients.

Meditate and Wait

Once agents become comfortable with deep breathing exercises, meditation is another way to regain focus, reduce stress, and improve memory through mindful behavior. Meditation helps people have greater control over their responses and interactions. Start by finding a comfortable place to sit and close your eyes. Inhale slowly through your nose and exhale out your mouth, focusing on each breath. When thoughts wander, just acknowledge them and continue to focus on breathing. Consider using a meditation app to learn more about the techniques. Benefits of meditating include better stress management, improved sleep, more meaningful relationships, and a greater understanding of self. 

Get Moving

Mindfulness also involves movement, such as yoga or tai chi. Both consist of slow, deliberate movements with a focus on breathing. Simple stretches are also an excellent way to destress, regain focus, and improve your overall well-being. Agents often sit for hours at a desk. Every half hour, get up to stretch or perform a few simple yoga asanas. The goals is to keep moving and breathing throughout the day.

Pay Attention

Many agents attempt to multi-task, believing it is the only way to get ahead. Often these agents wind up suffering from burnout in the future, negating their original efforts. Instead of trying to everything at once, focus on performing one task at a time. Take care of the task from start to finish to cross it off the to-do list. Pay attention to each task, giving it the focus it deserves. Slowing down helps agents get more done by the end of the day instead of having several half-done tasks on their list.

Establish Boundaries

Hard-working agents might spend seven days a week at the office, including nights. While making money is important, so is maintaining a satisfying quality of life. Establish working hours and stick to them. Maintaining balance is crucial to future success. Make time for sleep, socialization, entertainment, and education. Learning helps agents improve their skills, feel more confident, and fulfill continuing education requirements. Better Homes and Gardens® affiliated agents attend the Be Better University® online to learn how to be the best at what they do.

Focus on Self-Care

Agents juggling responsibilities at work and home often wind up forgetting themselves. Mindfulness means focusing on the importance of every aspect of life, including self-care. Make time for enjoyable activities, such as long walks, massages, and spa treatments. Take time out for a mini-vacation to get a change of scenery. Schedule regular health care appointments, exercise a few times a week and get plenty of sleep every night. Stepping away from work for a while helps agents rejuvenate and feel better about themselves. Positivity is contagious and helps agents connect with more clients.

It only takes a few minutes a day to follow these easy mindful living tips to improve real estate agent skills. After a few weeks, agents will realize the benefits of mindfulness and include these activities in their daily routines. As a result, a confident and relaxed agent builds deeper relationships with clients, closes more deals, and gets the most referrals.

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