Marketing Luxury Homes for Sale: What High-End Home Buyers Really Want


As the luxury home market evolves, an agent must keep a finger on the pulse of these changes. Marketing luxury homes for sale means knowing what high-end home buyers want. Meeting or exceeding these expectations makes an agent a go-to resource for these busy and discerning buyers.

Size May Not Matter

There was a time when bigger was better. Today luxury home buyers are more focused on amenities than size. Buyers want superior design, style, function, and innovation. A smaller home with a fantastic location and modern updates may sell faster than a larger one with dated amenities. Some luxury home buyers prefer the carefree lifestyle of a moderately sized home or condo, especially if it is a vacation house. Regardless of size, privacy is always a must-have feature for high-end buyers. Get to know the buyers and what they want. View luxury properties before meeting with potential buyers. Have a list of homes with viable amenities ready to share when they discuss their preferences.

Live the Glamorous Life

Technology has given a whole new meaning to the concept of a glamorous life. Spa bathrooms with deep tubs, head-to-toe shower jets, and radiant heat are the norm. Gourmet kitchens equipped energy-efficient appliances, quality finishes, and a workable center island are must-have features. Buyers want open spaces that seamlessly go from indoor to outdoor living. Modern outdoor living spaces include an enclosed area, outdoor kitchens, and a heated swimming pool with hot tub. Landscape designs should be eye-catching and focused on seasonal appeal. Make a list of the amenities buyers must have and surprise them with a few extras.

All the Conveniences of Home

Buyers with an unlimited budget want convenience. Most buyers now want home automation. From opening the shades to turning on lights and alarms, a homeowner can control everything in the house from any location. Homeowners decide what to turn off and on from a smartphone while they are at a meeting or on vacation. The location also matters to high-end buyers. Talk to clients about their lifestyle. Boaters want access to waterfront areas and a marina. Pilots look for proximity to the airport. Golfers prefer to live near an award-winning course. A medical professional needs to be near the hospital or clinic. Parents of school-age children want access to quality public and private schools. Find homes that make life easier for fast-paced, high-end buyers.

An Enjoyable Investment

Most luxury buyers are also savvy investors. Showing a home with lots of bells and whistles is not enough to impress them. The property must be an enjoyable investment. The amenities should add real value to the house so buyers can sell it for a profit in the future. Cutting-edge features include a wine cellar and tasting room, home theater, private gym, infinity pool, and outdoor sports courts. As these amenities increase in popularity, they add value to a luxury home. Classic features also bring investment value, including top quality appliances and high-end finishes. Agents need to get the facts about properties for sale, including the taxes and reasons why the house is on the market. Knowledge is power when it comes to finding a dream home for clients.

Panoramic Views

The majority of luxury buyers expect panoramic views of the water, mountains, city, or countryside. Rooftop terraces and balconies are the perfect way to get a “king of the hill” view of the surrounding areas. Floor to ceiling windows provide protected views of the outdoors as homeowners lounge around inside. Use a drone to get breathtaking overhead images. A 360-camera offers a realistic tour of the home, including the scenery around it. When marketing luxury homes for sale, images speak to buyers and encourage them to schedule an appointment to see the house in-person. Stage the home to showcase its most elegant features. Focus on entertainment areas so buyers can imagine themselves enjoying the property with guests.

Quality and Transparency

Luxury buyers want quality and transparency when they work with a real estate agent. All marketing materials should be printed on heavy gauge paper with readable fonts and attractive images. Include detailed descriptions of the property. Outline the services provided to buyers. Agents must communicate their qualifications and what each property offers. Busy buyers want all necessary info at their fingertips. In less than five minutes, a potential buyer should have everything he or she needs to encourage them to schedule a viewing with the agent.

Luxury home buyers work hard and play hard, too. Appeal to this lifestyle and make the process as comfortable as possible. Get to know the buyers and go beyond their wish list to please them. The result will be a solid deal with plenty of high-end referrals in the future.

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