Savvy Tips to Create Local Real Estate Listings That Get Noticed


Real estate agents read listings regularly to learn about new real estate for sale. Often they all start to sound alike, other than a few variable details. A dynamic listing uses original language to create an enticing mental picture of the property. Learn how to leave tired cliches behind and resonate with potential buyers. Use these savvy tips to develop local real estate listings that get noticed and encourage people to take action.

Follow the Fundamental Listing Format

The first step is to recognize the pattern every listing follows, regardless of the content. Each listing should have a basic format that includes:

  • a compelling headline designed to grab attention and make the reader want to know more;
  • an opening statement that provides a clear overview of what the real estate advertisement is about;
  • a detailed description of the features that make the property desirable and unique; and
  • a definitive call to action that explains why readers should act now and how to contact you.

Each element requires attention to detail and the use of descriptive language. Keep a thesaurus handy and use apps to help with spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Accuracy shows an agent is capable, focused, and trustworthy.

Home is Where the Heart Is

Countless listings make claims such as “beautiful views” and “updated kitchen.” Neither of these descriptions inspires imagery in the reader’s mind. Infuse each description with emotion. Tell a story about the house and what makes it appealing to live there. Instead of stating beautiful views, set an alluring scene. “Wake up to a sensational sunrise over picturesque Smith Bay. Soak up the sounds of lapping water and singing seabirds while you sip your morning coffee.” Elaborate on a statement such as “updated kitchen.” For example, “Prepare gourmet meals in your modern kitchen with state-of-the-art smart appliances and a spacious pantry to store all your secret ingredients.” Prove to the reader why the property is their dream home.

Appeal to Their Practical Side

Once the listing pulls on a reader’s heartstrings, it’s time to appeal to their practical side. People want to be comfortable in a home that suits their day-to-day needs. While a spa tub and in-ground swimming pool are selling points, remember to list the functional features of a house. Let potential buyers know the home has a designated laundry area with an energy-efficient washer and dryer. Mention the all-season room that can double as a den, office, playroom or added living space. Imagine you are a buyer and showcase the features that help make life easy.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Buyers always want to know more about the location of a property. Give them facts about the surroundings, such as “nestled in the historic area of the village,” or “located near schools, shopping, and transportation.” Most real estate agencies are adding neighborhood pages to their websites, offering details about specific towns and what they offer. Link to these neighborhood pages within the listing. These links provide valuable local information to potential buyers and drive more targeted traffic to the site.

Sprinkle Localized Keywords Into the Content

With site traffic in mind, be aware of search engine optimization opportunities to help attract more buyers to the listing. Decide which keywords would fit best into the listing description. Include short and long-tail keywords that pertain to the house and its location. Add these keywords naturally into the content. If a keyword doesn’t fit, search for one that does. A variety of free and paid tools exist to perform basic keyword research. Include these keywords in the listing and posts promoting it, such as a tweet or Facebook update. Make sure all the online listings are on mobile-friendly platforms, so they are easily accessible via mobile devices.

Maximum Exposure

It takes more than one or two marketing strategies and resources to sell a house quickly. Give every listing maximum exposure. Listings should appear on MLS, the agency website, and all of the agency’s social media accounts. Offer to send potential clients the latest listings via email and text message. Publish listings in free and paid local publications. Schedule an open house event and publicize it through local news sources. Create a separate website or landing page for high-profile listings. Write a blog article about the listing and what makes it unique. Include sharing buttons on all your online posts and encourage readers to share the listing. The goal is to get as many eyes on the listing as possible.

Eye-Catching Strategies

Go beyond words to make a listing compelling and unforgettable. Add professional photographs of every room to the listing. Offer a virtual tour of the property to attract busy buyers and out-of-state investors. Harness innovative technologies, such as drone photography and 360 videos, to give buyers a complete picture of the property. Focus on eye-catching elements, such as colorful gardens, gleaming hardwood floors, and modern appliances. Capture the home’s most exceptional features on film then share them on sites such as Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. Take a streaming video of your first tour of the house to share live on Facebook. Talk about the property as if you are showing it to buyers in-person. Bring them into the home virtually, so they want to see more in reality.

Add An Incentive

A well-crafted listing highlighting the best aspects of a home acts as a soft call to action. Add a time-sensitive statement to the end of the listing, such as, “be the first to see this dream home and make an offer now.” Consider including an incentive, such as, “reduced closing costs for a limited time only.” Get people to take action before they surf away to another listing.

Use creativity and common sense to write irresistible local real estate listings that get noticed. Prove your value to sellers immediately by creating a professional, well-written listing description. Step into the buyer’s shoes and provide all the information required to get them to act now.

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