Leveraging GENLIFE to achieve what we all want most… More.


What’s the # 1 thing every agent, broker or owner wants?

The answer is simple.  “More.”

We want more sales.

We want more agents.

We want more momentum.

We want more time with our families.

We want more income to relieve financial pressure.

We all want more of the things we cherish in life, right?

With that being the underlying truth driving our daily efforts, the question then becomes, “How can we get more?”

Well, to get more, we need to have the people and actions tied to the results we desire operating at the highest level of effectiveness so they can have a chance!

For years now at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Generations, we have been training our agents with pieces pulled from numerous training programs developed by those who we consider to be the best coaches, trainers and consultants available. This type of setup works fine until you’re ready to take things to the next level with your business. One of the biggest pieces of your business model better be your agent training program if this is your goal. You are only as good as the talent level of your weakest agent. Not because you or I think so, but because the perception of the public thinks so. And that public perception is the only thing that matters.

So we set out to define what a training program should look like. In our case, I didn’t want to limit the focus to a few major points of the basics of real estate. My goal was to design a complete blueprint for agents to execute. One designed to be educational, motivational, easy to execute, and fun. But at the end of the day, help the agents achieve what they really want…more.

With hundreds of hours of focus and hard work, years of experience, knowledge and training were compiled into one of the most effective agent training experiences. We named it the GENLIFE Real Estate Systems Blueprint.

The GENLIFE program covers all core parts of the real estate agent business model every agent needs to have in action to achieve their main goal… MORE.

But that was a given that it needed to include those items. Where it is really effective is teaching agents how to handle people. People from each generation. Understanding how to manage the emotions of your buyers and sellers. That’s where the real work is located in a sale! If you don’t believe me, go grab any agent that has recently closed a transaction that was a divorce situation! They probably look like they need a vacation!

That’s where GENLIFE helps. It gives agents a simple step processes for handling challenges of all types tied to customers wired all kinds of ways.

We have already experienced greater than expected success with the program. Agents that have completed all 6 modules and passed the written exam are producing new listings and putting contracts into pending status within days of completion of the GENLIFE Bootcamp. This is how a broker/owner achieves their main goal of MORE as well!

The mindset interlaced throughout the program is based on our company purpose and motto: “In real estate only one thing sells homes… People Helping People.”

Agents are taught how to build a referral-based business and set up the systems necessary to make the process flow efficiently. GENLIFE includes a financial model blueprint and also how to utilize the right time management tools.

I could go on for hours about all the content but the main value propositions are these two facts. It is now the most powerful recruiting tool we have as a brokerage. And it is truly an amazing blueprint of how to make money as a real estate agent based on how our industry has evolved up to today. But I guess what really matters most to agents, brokers and owners is back where we started in the first place.

It is a true path to obtain the #1 thing we all want most…

BHGRE Generations MORE

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