The Key Ingredient to Real Estate Success

The keys to success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability. – Simon Mainwaring

I recently attended a Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate event where that quote and the meaning behind accountability took on a whole new meaning for me.

A word many of us tend to shy away from due to a perceived negative connotation (micro-management, control), this conversation instead focused on the likelihood of success when accountability becomes a factor.

Accountability: A Key Ingredient in Your Success

The thought behind this is not to hold others accountable, but rather hold you accountable. Why does this factor in to your success? As simplistic as it may sound, there is and always will be a direct correlation between accountability, your results and overall success.

In real estate, we often look for new gadgets, tricks and tools to assist us in our quest to increase our revenues and market share.  We invest countless hours and dollars in training, scripts, books, videos, apps and software. However, spending money does not mean that we are committed to using or leveraging any of it.  The key to success is in the development and implementation.

Accountability and Growth

The same holds true in self development. Without accountability to help us implement, develop and grow, we quickly find our goals and dreams sitting on a shelf simply collecting dust just like that latest gadget.

However, accountability around any sort of implementation will only work when you are a willing participant.  It cannot be forced or imposed. This is why accountability often has a negative association.

Forcing accountability onto others will only create short term wins; there is no sustainability since there is typically no buy-in from the individual. They are only participants due to fear.

Accountability and Self Empowerment

On the flip side, a true desire for success through accountability comes from a place of self empowerment. It is a conscious effort to better your position; a desire to get uncomfortable in your current situation and the drive to do something about it.  Asking for accountability in your work and life will always guarantee you the greatest results.

So with that I challenge you, seize any opportunity  you can to be held accountable.  Look at your business and commit to a result you’re ready to obtain.

Maybe it’s closing more listings, it could be creating your own blog…anything and then ask someone (your broker, a team member, partner, friend) to hold you accountable.

There are times it may not be fun and you may get comfortable; but, you will grow, you will thrive and you will succeed, you just have to want it.

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