Is Facebook the New Birthday Card?

BirthdayOk, some of you might think this post is just a little self serving, because it is sort of about of my birthday, but not really. It’s really about people taking the time to do something nice, and using social media as the distribution channel. Many of you know that an important part of our brand strategy is built around social media. As I sit at my desk and look at the Facebook live feed, I have to admit some of the status updates are a little corny, some amusing and some informative. I always get the most feedback on the informative ones, I mean does anyone really care that I am on the train to New York? Striving to find balance between providing useful information, selling something and having some fun while doing it seems to be the right approach.

One of the hidden gems on Facebook is the Birthday Notification. It notifies all of your “friends” that it is your birthday, and allows everyone to send their wishes. I don’t know about you, but I find it almost impossible to remember everyone’s birthday, let alone find time to send them a greeting. It allows you to stop selling and sharing updates for a moment and send someone you know an unsolicited and meaningful greeting. When you think about it, that does not happen very often.

For me, I treasured all of the birthday greetings I received this week, and l am actually in the process of sending an individual thank you back to each person. I wanted to share one greeting here in this post. It proves my theory that going just a little beyond what others do will pay off in the future. So, if you don’t yet know Nicole (Nik Nik) and Reggie Nicolay, get to know them… they are a lovely and talented couple – Nicole has her own digital marketing business, and Reggie is the social media guru for Cyberhomes. Thank you Reggie and Nik Nik for helping make my day a special one…

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