4 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Real Estate Blog


Are you a current blogger looking to improve your results or a newbie ready to start building a successful real estate blog? No matter what stage you are in, these tips will help boost blog awareness, visibility and its overall success.

Whether you are blogging for recruiting purposes or to provide market-related content for consumers, Nicole Nicolay, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Agent Evolution offers insight that will help you formulate the right plan to target your exact market..

Nicole, who recently presented to the Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate network, shared the tips below to help all current and future real estate bloggers instantly improve their real estate blog.

Instantly Improve Your Real Estate Blog

Nicole suggests the hub and spoke model of blogging. This means that your blog should be the hub of your online content.

You will post all original content to your blog and then use social media as the spokes to promote your content and build relationships.

In order to best build and promote your content, Nicole suggests you begin by defining your niche, determining how you will capture blog post inspiration and then incorporate social media into your marketing strategy.

  1. Define Your Niche

Ask yourself a few questions to determine what your content focus will be.

  • Who do you serve?
  • What is your specialty?
  • Who is your target market?
  • What attributes do they possess?
  • What needs to they have and how can you meet them?

Benefits of defining your niche upfront are the ability to craft your content to the specific wants and needs of that group and through that begin to establish a reputation as the local go-to resource.

  2. Create an Editorial List

An editorial list is a catalog of topics and keywords that will allow you to easily capture blog post thoughts and ideas. This will become a resource that you can later refer back to and incorporate in to your content.

A few ideas to get you started:

  • Consider what is unique about your market? What do you look forward to sharing with potential clients?
  • Write down frequently asked questions and then answer each one in a way that any buyer or seller would find useful.
  • Share every skill, resource and area of expertise.
  • What fuels your passion? Write those topics down and make sure you share them on a regular basis.

Put the focus on what you know and what you love and the content will become easier and easier to write!

  3. Choose a Calendar Tool

A simple way to stay focused and consistent is to use an editorial calendar. WordPress has several plugins that will let you add your title, description and publish date within your blog so you never have to guess what your next article will be about.

Her favorite tool is the WordPress Editoral Calendar plugin.

  4. Determine Your Promotion Strategy

Your final step is determining which social media networks will support the promotion of your latest blog post.


  • First publish to your blog, allowing your content to be indexed by Google.
  • Next, determine which social media sites you will choose.
  • Use Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks to share your content with a whole new audience. You can target based on your local market and gain additional exposure by connecting with businesses or vendors within your area.

Important Reminders:

  • It is very important to build a base of content on your blog before you launch. Nicole recommends 3-4 articles loaded and posted to your blog before you go live so that you have valuable content available to any visitors.
  • Stay consistent! It can be difficult to keep content fresh. However, it is an essential component to your blogging success. Nicole recommends posting once per week to get started.

How are you using a blog to boost your business? I’d love to hear your success stories in the comments below!

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