How to Write a Captivating Property Listing


The strength of your property listing plays a direct role in the amount of interest that follows. While the listing photos are the first thing that pulls in potential homebuyers, it’s the content that makes them decide to tour the home. It’s vital to learn how to compose a captivating property listing to maximize the potential of this powerful marketing tactic.

Start by brainstorming words that describe the home

Before writing anything, brainstorm words that best describe the home. With pictures of the property in front of you, write down every adjective and noun that comes to mind. This will give you an abundance of ideas when it comes time to formulate the content.

Replace negative or misleading words

Be sure to have a thesaurus on hand. If you completed the first step, you’ll likely find some negative words. It’s important to strike these and replace them. For example, words such as ‘small’ or ‘tiny’ could be replaced with ‘cozy’ or ‘quaint,’ and ‘outdated’ could be replaced with ‘original’ or ‘vintage.’ Remember that traffic during an open house is only good if the potential homebuyers see what they were expecting – it’s crucial to avoid using words that mislead people into thinking the property is more than what it is. An honest approach is always the best one for creating a captivating and effective property listing.

Use the right words to describe the home

Once you’ve eliminated the negative keywords, it’s time to narrow in on the right ones. From the list of words you have left, pick the ones that stand out and accurately describe the property. If it’s on a stunning plot, you may want to use ‘backyard oasis’ to explain the space. If the house has a large master bedroom with a bathroom, highlight it as a ‘master suite.’ By choosing the right words, you can portray an image that is going to captivate potential homebuyers.

Make your headlines stand out

The first thing most potential homebuyers do after looking at the pictures of a property is scan the headlines. If they’re interested in the headlines, they will continue to the details of the property. However, if the headlines aren’t enticing, potential homebuyers will move on to a new listing. Property listing headlines need to grab the reader’s attention. Highlight exciting features about the home with just a few words. Think ‘ocean view’ and ‘quaint cottage’ instead of ‘on the water’ or ‘vacation rental.’  Showcase the most powerful feature of the home in the headline.

Use brief descriptions to portray the proper image

Potential homebuyers don’t want to read a lengthy property listing. They want to get an accurate idea of what the home is like at a glance.It’s important to be concise. Let your headlines do the talking and use bullet points to highlight the features of the home. Together, these short, descriptive sections can tell the property’s entire story.

Do a double take to ensure you follow the Federal Fair Housing Act

Make sure your property listing is in compliance with the Federal Fair Housing Act. This prohibits discrimination for any housing. While you would never discriminate against someone intentionally, it’s always recommended to look over your property listing to ensure it doesn’t mention color, religion, race, nationality, gender, disability, financial status or the presence of children.

With these six steps, your property listings are certain togenerate an abundance of interest.

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