How to Use Social Media to Raise Brand Awareness

How to Use Social Media to Raise Brand Awareness -

As a real estate agent, you need to harness the power of social media platforms to raise brand awareness. Popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram allow you to reach out to prospects and promote your services while also building and strengthening your image. Beyond raising brand awareness, social media can help you:

  • Generate leads effortlessly
  • Develop strong and trustworthy relationships with clients
  • Offer insights to your services

Below are four valuable tips to use social media to increase your brand awareness:

1. Balance Your Content

Although you’re using social media as a platform to promote your real estate listings, you need to think outside of the property when providing content. While you still want to promote your listings and services, that needs to be balanced with other engaging, entertaining, and relative content. The content you provide can include:

  • Success stories
  • Articles about design or DIY projects
  • Pictures or videos that pertain to real estate
  • Information about your community

You’ll want to balance the business content with relatable, shareable posts that engage your audience to keep them coming back for more. By posting a variety of content, you are ensuring that your audience will stick around. Sharing the same content day in and out will ultimately lead you to losing your audience day by day.

2. Focus on the Right Platforms

With so many different social media platforms available, it can seem difficult when choosing which ones are beneficial to you as a real estate agent. To start, you will want to choose the most prevalent channels to increase your potential reach. This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. From there you need to determine which of these platforms will benefit you the most:

3. Get Involved and Interact

You can post all the content you want on your social media platforms, but you need to be genuinely involved and interacting with your audience to raise brand awareness and to promote your customer service abilities. Answer questions and respond to private messages. Question your audience and create conversations. The more people that are involved on your page, the more it appears in other people’s feeds, which provides an excellent opportunity to generate leads.

4. Pay for Advertising

Social media platforms offer affordable advertising, which can give you a boost in traffic to generate leads and raise brand awareness. You get to select the budget and make adjustments to the ads to have it reflect your products and services accordingly. Keep your sales pitch simple and personalized – since that’s what social media is all about. If you want to seek a professional’s help in setting up your campaign, Lumentus Social offers content and advertising packages for real estate professionals, and BHGRE® has partnered with them to offer affiliated agents exclusive discounts.

Social media platforms are some of the most powerful tools readily available to you. As a real estate agent, you can use them to connect with potential home buyers and sellers, generate leads, and raise brand awareness. Be sure to take advantage of the tools at your disposal in order to ultimately increase your business in the process.

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