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Project manager by day and podcast influencer by night, Lloyd George has used media to connect to new people, try new opportunities, and fuel his passions. In today’s episode of the Be Better podcast, Lloyd joins Donald to discuss his work and how he’s used media to get where he wants to go. 

Lloyd’s professional background wasn’t traditional: 

  • He wasn’t an A-student and knew college wouldn’t work. That, plus his lack of funding, made it an easy choice not to go.
  • What Lloyd did know, however, was how to build relationships. 
  • Similar to many people, he’s very conscious of how people around him see him as. He’s since learned to put himself first and ensure his work, passions, and time are spent doing things that make him and his family happy.

Determining your next steps in life:

  • Write down the goals you want to achieve within your personal or professional life. 
  • The most important thing you can do is to build relationships. Each day, go to LinkedIn and connect with two people. Then, when you need a job or a different career, you’ll have a network of 600 people to reach out to who know and like you.
  • If you aren’t going to connect with individual people, join organizations or online forum groups to see internal information and find advocates for you based on similar interests and passions. 

How has media enhanced his ability to manifest opportunities?

  • As Lloyd has integrated into podcasting opportunities, different companies and people have seen his content that he’s posted on LinkedIn.
  • When he traveled to Podcast Movement, he found professionals willing to vouch for him for job opportunities based solely on his content. 
  • The beauty of social media – you are the expert on your thoughts. You don’t need permission from anyone to create content or share your thoughts.
  • A lack of experience isn’t solely a negative thing. Content creators who are new to an industry can often bring a fresh perspective that others might agree with.
  • How can people take advantage of media? Social media allows you to test. If you want to create content for a specific audience, you can trial run different forms of media or various topics until you find something that works.

Lloyd’s major takeaway? The opportunities and potential available on social media are endless. While the potential is limitless, be cautious and set boundaries with your online presence to feel safe and positive.

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