How to Use Facebook Carousel Ads to Promote a Listing


Social media is the powerhouse of marketing. Facebook alone has 1.94 billion monthly active users, according to a report conducted by the platform in May 2017. More importantly, The Information recently reported Facebook’s ad revenue is higher than other traditional media companies, such as CBS and Comcast. This is a direct result of how far Facebook marketing tools have come over the last couple of years. The platform offers several ad formats to choose from with different placements and designs tailored to suit your intentions. One of the best ad formats for real estate agents is the carousel ad format. Sign into your Facebook account, create a real estate page and start promoting your listings.

Carousel ads are scrollable

While Facebook has a plethora of valuable marketing tools for real estate agents, the carousel ads hold precedence. With this format, you can show up to 10 images/videos along with captivating headlines, links and calls-to-action. As such, consumers can swipe through your entire listing within seconds, and just as quickly connect with you to learn more.

Showcase the entirety of a property and narrow in on quality leads

One major benefit for real estate agents using the carousel ads is the ability to showcase an entire property at a glance.  This allows potential clients to quickly scan through the listing without having to contact you first. As such, it speeds up the entire real estate process. More importantly, the carousel ads allow you to separate quality leads from the people who are “just looking.” As a result, you get to spend more time connecting with leads that are more likely to convert.

Sell a home quickly by highlighting the main features of the property

Every real estate agent knows that the longer a house is on the market, the harder it is to sell. Fortunately, Facebook carousel ads decrease the risk of having a hard-to-sell home because everything is quicker online. You can easily highlight the main features of a property, garner an abundance of interest, host an open house and start accepting offers.

Show several properties at one time

Facebook carousel ads don’t limit you to one property at a time. You can use the 10 images and videos however you like. Some real estate agents showcase one property in its entirety. Others show the exterior of the homes they have for sale. However, some combine interior and exterior shots of several properties. The options are endless.  You can promote as many or as few properties as you want. For example, if you have a hard-to-sell house, you can use the 10 available slots to show your audience how incredible the property is. If you just received a bunch of new listings, throw them all up on Facebook in a carousel ad to sell several homes all at once.

The secret to carousel success

Facebook carousel ads are easy. However, there are some tricks you’ll want to take advantage of to maximize results. It’s important to be extremely precise with the target audience you select to see your carousel ad. While you may have clients across the state, you’ll want to narrow it down to people within the region who have already shown an interest in real estate. As a rule of thumb, it’s better to have a smaller, precise potential reach than a larger, random one. Narrow in on the people who are looking for everything you’re offering. Facebook makes this process incredibly simple. However, you may be tempted to click on the important details. So, take your time, narrow in on your audience, provide all the information potential clients need and pay attention to the details.

Facebook’s ad manager has a full analytic system, which allows you to evaluate and readjust your social media marketing as you see fit. You also have full control over how much you want to spend and how long you want each campaign to go. If you need to change or cancel an ad because properties start selling before the end date, you can do that at any time. It’s time to capitalize on the powerful marketing tools that connect with you approximately 1.94 billion active users each month.



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