How to Reach for the Stars with Boosted Posts


Real estate professionals can reach highly targeted niches simply by investing in their success with boosted posts. When it comes to marketing a real estate business, every cent counts. Facebook is a great way to target those who are most likely to use your real estate services. However, with changing algorithms and the sheer amount of content available, organic reach is no longer desirable. In January 2018, Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s Head of News Feeds, started an effort to encourage content that connects members, rather than focusing on pitches.  Since 2014, organic Facebook reach has been declining thanks to the influx of ad content, resulting in more competition for marketers.

This, however, can work in a business’s favor. Facebook’s goal is to show members the most relevant content. It is now a challenge to reach potential leads for free on Facebook given the sheer amount of content available. Here are three ways to ensure the success of your boosted post:

1. Always have a goal

A boosted ad is designed to reach a target audience that would have an interest in your real estate services. It is not an opportunity to “see what sticks.” Know who you want to target before pressing the button. Do you want to target new homeowners? Millennials? Baby boomers? If you are in an area famed for its wooded areas, it would not make sense to target your ad to those in coastal towns. Know what you want before targeting a boosted post.

2. Get your fans to rally

Your fans are already excited about you, either as a professional or as a friend. They are also the ones who help you select which post you should boost by giving you insights at the top of the fan page. It stands to reason that showing this to your fans first is a sound judgment. They are most likely to engage with the post, encouraging others to do so.

3. Reevaluate impressions

Pay for engagements, not impressions. It isn’t as important to have people see your post as it is to have them interact with it. You can create a custom audience based on contacts you already have or create a lookalike audience culled from your business page. Make sure you are serving your audience’s interests.

Best of luck with your boosted post!

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