How to Get More Listings: Seven Smart SEO Tips for Agents


Most homebuyers go online to search for available properties. Search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on targeted keywords and strategies to attract search engines and people who want to find a house. Sellers recognize the power of the internet and want to know how to use it. Savvy agents can use these seven smart SEO tips to learn how to get more listings and make meaningful connections.

Create a Blog

Most businesses have dedicated blogs to share updates, information, and useful tips. Agents with a blog have an online space to communicate with current clients and connect with new ones. Post articles about the current real estate market, buying and selling info, and share the latest listings. Craft listings with unique descriptions, professional images, and video. Add relevant keywords and tags for your local target audience to find your content. When agents post articles about listings, remind the readers that you will list their property and market it with the same cutting-edge tools and enthusiasm for the best possible results.

Become Social

Few things are more personal than helping someone buy or sell a home. Making meaningful connections today often starts on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Establish an account as an agent rather than using a personal social media account that may include personal commentary and family events. Add a personalized touch to your agent account by posting something about yourself, such as photos from a recent vacation or office party. Sprinkle these personal posts in with business ones, such as links to your listings and latest blog articles.  Interact with others, share posts, and reply to comments. Include important updates specifically for sellers, to show how helpful you could be as a listing agent.

It’s All About Appearances

Sellers want to know their properties will be presented in the most desirable way possible. Adding eye-catching images to listings makes them stand out from other homes for sale. And, adding images is a way to attract search engines. Remember to add alt tags (an HTML attribute)  to the pictures and use relevant keywords to help people find them. Try innovative photos, such as aerial photography, for a more complete overview of the property. When agents make features look attractive, sellers want to list with them to take advantage of these marketing strategies. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents have a variety of professional images and tools to use to make their articles and listings look better.

Create Awesome Video

Adding videos to listings, blog articles, and social media posts will grab the attention of potential sellers. Quality videos with the highest level of professionalism make a listing stand apart from the competition. Work with an expert who understands the latest real estate photography techniques, including 3D and virtual reality, as well as panoramic and aerial videos.  Taking a 3D tour is an excellent way to make properties more accessible to out-of-town buyers, and aerial imagery is a perfect way to attract more interested sellers.

Go Live

As sites such as Facebook and Instagram encourage live posting, savvy agents are using it as another way to market listings. Live tours on Facebook and social media are an excellent way to instantly raise awareness about a property for sale. People like having the opportunity to see a live tour of a home for the first time, without having to travel to see it in-person. Sellers will appreciate the value of a live tour to encourage people to schedule a personal viewing. Agents who offer these unique “extras” are sure to get more listings.

Focus on Local

Most agents target a specific neighborhood or region. With that in mind, keywords must include the location as well as favored real estate terminology.  Adding localized terms ensures people in the area can find the available properties for sale. Agents can tell sellers they offer local SEO marketing services to help more potential buyers see a house for sale. When sellers know they can depend on an agent to reach local buyers, they are willing to sign a listing agreement. Another way to connect with local sellers is by posting blog articles and social media updates about neighborhood news and events. Sellers want to work with agents who understand what’s happening in the area.

Score Links

Agents who become known as trusted experts are likely to attract more listings. One way to establish authority on search engines and with potential clients is to get links at authority sites. Guest blog posting, business directories, professional profiles, news articles, and interviews are all ways to get a link from another site while being included in relevant content. Link building helps an agent get recognized by Google and connect with potential sellers.

Learning how to get more listings starts with implementing smart SEO strategies. Help people sell and find a house by sharing informative, keyword-based content. Mastering optimization is an intelligent way for agents to broaden their scope and get more leads.

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