How Real Estate Professionals Can Go Green

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There are endless ways you can make a difference and help support environmental protection as a real estate professional. Together we can ensure our Earth is here for future generations to come. Keep in mind that any effort, big or small, has an impact. Below you can discover several ways you can make a difference and practice more sustainable actions.

• Read several facts agents should know about the green housing market. Savvy real estate agents should be learning about the green housing market to corner this quickly growing niche. Eco-friendly options help preserve natural resources and lower utility bills because of their modern efficiency, and it can help boost the value of homes.

• Go paperless! Affiliates have access to cutting-edge tools like Dotloop, a program that provides agents with a complete transaction management solution. It’s easy to use and provides eSignatures, sharing, storage, and electronic form creation. You can also log into your billing accounts and switch to the paperless option. Some companies even offer you a discount if enroll in online billing.

• Discover great tips and learn about working from home in a sustainable way.

• Share these ideas for eco-friendly home décor with your clients and neighbors.

• Get certified and become an energy-efficient expert! Earning NAR’s Green Designation positions you as a leader in the green real estate market who’s fully equipped to help clients take advantage of the benefits in energy-efficient housing.

• Host a local event where people can meet and go to a nearby park or beach to pick up trash. You can bring speakers, play music, and have fun while cleaning up and getting to know potential clients. It’s a great way to make a difference, get your name out there, and connect with locals.

• Grow your own food! Get planting and then enjoy your very own food. Look into container gardening which works for people in any size space. You can give a gift of yummy fruits and veggies to your clients.

• Ditch single-use plastics. Bring reusable bags when shopping, buy a washable straw, and use reusable bottles instead of buying plastic water bottles that end up landfills. Some plastics can take hundreds of years to decompose and harm wildlife. Brand these items with your business information, they make perfect gifts for clients because they will continue to use them and see your name. It’s a great way to stay top of mind and help the earth.

• Use energy-efficient light bulbs in your home, office, and properties.

• Use eco-friendly products. Here are several eco-friendly products for stainless steel.

• Turn off the lights when you’re not in a room.

Eco-friendly building materials are not as expensive as you and your clients may think. Look into these environmentally friendly products and earth-friendly building materials. It can also be a great selling point when showing a listing.

• Switch to rechargeable batteries.

• Buy second hand! This not only saves you money but keeps a ton of perfectly good items from going to waste or ending up in landfill. There are tons of places you can buy slightly used office items that can be just as attractive and functional as brand new items. Often people are moving and have brand new high-quality furniture they cannot take with them. It’s great way to get affordable furniture for your home office and beautiful pieces for staging a home.

• Uncover why it pays to go green with these smart design ideas that can help your clients save money, time, and energy. Explain how going green can help boost the value of their home.

• Donate used goods instead of simply throwing them away. Don’t discard old electronic devices and contribute to e-waste. There are companies and nonprofits that repair and donate old electronics that millions of people would be so grateful to have. Many companies can even recycle parts.

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