Home Improvement Trends 2021


Be the expert in all things house and home with these Top Home Improvement Trends for 2021. Whether it’s making major or minor updates or introducing updated aesthetics into home paces – these trends will give you insight into what today’s homeowners are looking for.

  1. No Place Like Home
    There is a newfound appreciation for and focus on what’s most important in life – family, health, and home.
  2. Invested in Home Improvement
    Major shifts in time spent at home is accelerating investment in major (and minor) home improvements.
  3. Fleeing to the Suburbs
    Millennial urban-dwellers are resettling to the suburbs in search of more space and closer proximity to loved ones.
  4. Aging in Place
    Boomers and multigenerational households are updating spaces to allow for ‘aging in place.’

  5. Return of the Neighborhood
    Reconnection with their neighborhood has homeowners investing in backyard and porch improvement which support everyday relaxation and kids play.
  6. Calming Scents
    More women will invest in diffusers and candles which bring a sense of calm and self care to home spaces.

  7. It’s the Little Things
    Desire for creating more personalized (and private) home spaces is boosting demand for window treatments.
  8. Lightening Up
    Lighting sales are trending as homeowners create modern, energy efficient, tech smart and productive home spaces.
  9. Fresh Coats
    While ‘smaller weekend’ painting projects spiked last year (front doors and accent walls), interest is now shifting to more expansive projects.
  10. All About DIY
    Homeowners are using their newfound confidence, skills and tools to take on DIY painting, refurbishing furniture, etc.
  11. Getting Personal
    More time at home – and new home sales –is boosting demand design and décor items which bring a more personalized vibe to homes.
  12. Outside In
    As desire for healthier homes has women filling their homes with plants and ‘living décor.’
  13. Inside Out
    In search of additional space and safer environments, homeowners are investing in outdoor ‘living spaces.’
  14. All About Organization
    Decluttering and organizing continues as women seek to minimize stress and support multifunctional spaces.

  15. Multi-Purpose Spaces
    With many homeowners anticipating working from home permanently, many are investing in home offices, fitness areas and study spaces.
  16. Spending on Storage
    Women are showing a willingness to investing high quality storage solution which deliver style and function.
  17. Smart Tech Excitement
    Smart Home tech is moving mainstream as women become more confident in its benefits and ease of use.
  18. Sought-After Smart Products
    Women are most interested in self-install smart home solutions that boost streaming, safety and cost savings.
  19. Concerns & Considerations
    Women continue to be concerned about smart tech’s potential impact on their family’s privacy.

  20. Catering to Her Kitchen
    A renew commitment to cooking and eating at home has more families exploring kitchen upgrades.
  21. Restroom Re-Do
    Increased focus on self-care (and accommodating more crowded home spaces) is boosting bathroom re-dos.
  22. The Why Behind the Buy
    Durability, value and flair will continue as the most critical purchase influencers.
  23. The Ease of E-Comm
    Convenience, savings, and product variety will support online shopping for home goods.
  24. Omnichannel Importance
    With retail selected most often as the preferred home goods shopping environment, foot traffic will surge as more shoppers are vaccinated.

Source: 2021 Meredith Data Studio

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