Friday Blog Scan: Things We Liked from the Week That Was

Can small businesses be just as successful using social media as the big brands like Ford, JetBlue and Comcast? “Absolutely” according to Casey Yandle at Clix Marketing. “There are many advantages of using social media during the sales process for customer service, sales prospecting and customer retention for small businesses”. Read it all here.

Can you use social media to generate income from your real estate business or are they a generous waste of time? Here are 3 specific strategies from Paul Montelongo as published on the Sugar Pine Realty Blog. Bear in mind, these are indeed simple so this post is really geared toward the novice Realtor.

Facebook is not easy to manage and trying to find things on it sometimes require the skills of Dr Robert Langdon. But thanks to Mashable, now we can all figure out how to Set up a Winning Facebook Fan Page

This is interesting from mediapost an alternative take on the Real Future of Newspapers.

Regarding the brokerage of the future – LA Times reports that scientists have discovered evidence of water on the moon. According to the article, colonizing our nearest neighbor in space much easier than previously thought. Mmm, Better Homes and Gardens Mare Tranquillitatis has nice ring to it!

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