Everyone Knows First Impressions Are Important: Tips to stand out when first meeting your clients


When it comes to making a positive first impression, you never get a second chance. The simple act must be done the first time correctly, and as stated by the website Business Insider, within the first seven seconds of meeting someone. Since your customers are the root of your success as a real estate agent, those first seven seconds may very well be the most important part of your practice. The goal is to provide a professional appearance to build a strong, trustworthy relationship. How you do that in as little as seven seconds? It’s all about attention to detail.

Dress like the professional, reputable real estate agent you are

First and foremost, you are your brand. Think of yourself as the embodiment of a reputable business meeting a potential client. This mentality is the first thing you need to bring attention to by dressing the part. It is important to wear professional attire when meeting new clients. You will be perceived as professional, which is exactly what potential clients want to see from someone handling their investment.

Never underestimate the power of a smile

Smiles make sales even easier. They say more than words during a first impression. Not just any smile will do, however. Your smile needs to be genuine and welcoming to maximize this tip. If you are worried this might be a challenge, find something positive about every meeting.  Whether it’s the potential of a sale or face-to-face interaction, find something to be excited about to ensure a genuine smile. You can also practice smiling genuinely in the mirror.

Be aware of your body language

If your body language resonates a different emotion than your happy and friendly smile, it will likely dominate the first impression. From your posture to your facial expressions, be aware of your body language at all times. Come across as friendly as possible without trying too hard. Avoid crossing arms in front of the chest or placing hands on hips, which may come off as unappealing. After initial eye contact, make the person you are speaking with more comfortable by using the similar actions and tone.

Make a connection before you make a proposal

Although your client is meeting with you to be sold on your services, they don’t want to feel like they’re being pitched, especially not within the first seven seconds. Always make a connection with your potential clients before making a proposal or sales pitch by mastering the skill of small talk. By doing so, you can establish a relationship while garnering information to help make the sale. For example, you can discover things they like, what they do for a living, and who will be living in the home. Adjust your pitch based on information received via small talk.

Seven seconds goes by quickly. Ensure you’re making a positive and professional first impression when meeting potential clients to reassure you’re the best real estate agent for them.

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