Evernote as a Productivity Tool for Your Real Estate Business

evernote real estate tips

It’s time to go paperless! How many times have you heard that recently? Going paperless is an idea that has swept the real estate industry and it only seems to be picking up momentum.

While there are plenty of amazing tools out there to help you become a paperless broker, agent or real estate office, I want to focus on my favorite, Evernote.

If you are new to Evernote or just looking to expand your real estate tool belt, put Evernote to work for you with my four quick tips below!

  1. Evernote Is Accessible

Sign up for a free account and make sure to download the Evernote app on all of your mobile devices. Evernote is available on any Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices.

  2. Use the Evernote Web Clipper

The web clipper from Evernote is a must! No matter what browser you use, the web clipper will allow you to easily capture content from any website and save it directly to Evernote account. How handy is that, right?

  3. Improve Your Productivity

Meeting with clients? Use Evernote notes and notebooks to help you organize your checklists, notes, photos, files and more. Organize your marketing plans, listings and closing checklists to help systemize your business.

Sharing notebooks and notes with your clients and team is very easy to set up too!

  4. Set Up A Personal Challenge 

Set up a personal challenge to get Evernote set up. Give yourself a week to download and begin to work with it. This will allow you to ease into it, but with a deadline.  Start with every piece of paper you can find and begin to add them to Evernote. From checklists to sticky notes full of to-do’s, Evernote can manage all of the details for you.

Remember, Evernote is all about what YOU need it to do for you and your business. Keep an open mind and start out small.

What can you put into Evernote that you might normally print out or write down? All of those client files you have stored in that file cabinet can easily be transformed into a neat little notebook within your Evernote account.

Don’t forget to join the conversation in a great Facebook group, Evernote for Real Estate. This group of passionate Evernote fans/users will welcome you with open arms and help you answer questions you may have. Trust me!

Want to read more about Evernote or going paperless? Check out my articles on the InmanNext channel.


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