Does direct mail matter in an online world?


The Internet certainly has changed real estate marketing. Social media, email, and other digital tools provide fast, inexpensive access to prospective customers, tempting some to write off traditional approaches like direct mail as obsolete.

Don’t believe it. The truth is, direct mail is as relevant as ever —maybe even more so.

While digital has its place in a comprehensive marketing campaign, a carefully targeted direct mail can complement and enhance your efforts. Online marketing has matured greatly but is limited by the nature of the medium itself. Meanwhile, direct mail hasn’t been standing still, but also has become more sophisticated.

You’re online? So is everyone else

Once upon a time, having a presence online, in and of itself, meant something. But today, everyone is out there — and boy, are things getting crowded. The web has grown to a size most would find incomprehensible: Consider that every day, sixteen years of video are uploaded to YouTube, according to Website Magazine. That’s a lot of cat videos, and it hints at what a vast and noisy place the online world has become. For these reasons, your online efforts may not get noticed as much as you think.

It’s hard to stand out in a big crowd. What’s more, people just aren’t that comfortable consuming information online. Marketing solutions provider Xpressdocs cited a study in which more than six in ten employed US adults said printed materials are easier and more comfortable to read.

We make direct marketing better

“Our mission is to support and strengthen our affiliated brokers’ businesses with the latest innovations in service, technology, marketing, tools, training and business consulting.” – Sherry Chris, president and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate.

When you’re part of the BHGRE® network, you have exclusive access to PinPoint Direct Marketing, the most powerful direct mail tool in real estate. PinPoint lets you target potential customers with amazing accuracy. Using a database of more than a hundred million US consumers, agents can create customized postcards for very targeted audiences using such criteria as location, household income, and current home value.

Direct mail done right — addressed to a specific person who has knowledge of, and ideally interest in, the subject — gets noticed. It still has one of the highest response rate of any direct-marketing medium, as recent as last year, according to Harvard Business Review. – direct mail’s response rate is ten to thirty times better than email marketing, according to Xpressdocs.

PinPoint is an unparalleled way to connect buyers and sellers. Just ask Bonnie Bartalos of Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Kansas City Homes, describe her first two experiences with the system. “Both postcards created a bump in showings, so I know they work,” Bonnie says. “The product was beautifully done. The targeted marketing differentiates us from the competition.”

In Scottsdale, Arizona, Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Sonoran Desert Lifestyles used PinPoint to market a property valued at $2.8 million. The system identified nearly a hundred potential buyers, and they included the home’s current owner — a welcome validation of its accuracy, says REALTOR® and owner Scott Lehmann.

And in Boise, Idaho, PinPoint is “a great differentiator for us when we compete against other brokerages,” says Jeff Martel, broker and owner of Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate 43° North. “It’s a huge asset to our organization.”

Connect with us

Our tools and technology are designed to help our affiliated brokers and real estate professionals achieve a new level of business performance. What sets our brand apart from the competition is the personalized level of service and range of resources we provide. You can unleash the marketing power of PinPoint direct mail by becoming part of the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate network.

To learn more about the tools that Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate offers, visit our BHGRE Careers Page.

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