Creating a Successful Real Estate Direct Marketing Campaign

Creating a Successful Real Estate Direct Marketing Campaign

Marketing has changed dramatically in the past decade. “Outbound” real estate marketing campaigns such as print ads, cold calling and direct mail have fallen out of favor as technology continues to grow and proliferate.

With the evolution and advancement of the Internet, marketing styles have followed suit. While not all business can be done online, just about every business requires a website and online presence in order to really compete in the marketplace.

Real Estate In the Internet Age

This applies to real estate brokers and real estate agents. While the buying and selling of property is conducted mainly offline, the real estate market has been revolutionized by the Internet. Buyers can now browse numerous options with mere clicks of a mouse. Documents can be expedited via email and even signed using e-signature services. Also, real estate agents and brokers have more effective and direct marketing techniques available to them than ever before.

As a real estate agent, showcasing your listings and letting potential buyers know about your services is key to making sales and cultivating a successful real estate business. You compile data and contact information from people looking to buy or sell a home currently or in the near future. You might glean information from public records or gather personal details through voluntary sign up forms. In the past, you would then generate a mailing list and send a newsletter or print ad via a costly mass mailing as opposed to sending a free email which is far more prevalent today.

Real Estate Marketing Online

These days, marketing via the Internet is quickly surpassing traditional snail mail campaigns. The use of social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube allow agents to stay connected with their clients in an ongoing, personal way.

Blogging can also contribute to fostering connections via sharing advice. All of these avenues are free or very affordable to implement. Direct mail via email can help cultivate relationships with clients. Mobile marketing can reach potential customers while they’re on the road looking for open houses.

What makes up a successful real estate marketing email campaign? Here are five tips to keep you on track:

1. Think simple, clean and relevant. Keep gaudy graphics to a minimum in your emails and newsletters. Use clean, attractive design elements and fonts. Be concise with your message, but be sure to include quality content such as inspiring client success stories or advice that buyers and sellers can really use.

2. Customize your campaigns. If possible, buyers should receive emails with information more geared toward buyers, and sellers should receive seller-oriented content. Categorize each lead accurately and market to them in a relevant way, keeping in mind that clients can change categories over time.

3. Show appealing properties. Since your goal is to help buy and sell properties, make sure your listings are featured prominently and tastefully.

4. Don’t get TOO personal. The ideal tone of your email should be warm and friendly, yet always professional. Let your personality come through your correspondence, but avoid being too informal.

5. Give people a reason to respond. Invite your clients to ask questions and engage with you regularly via your social media accounts. Encourage referrals through incentive programs. Make it fun for your clients to visit your site, blog or Facebook page. They’ll remember you, and they’ll be more likely to use your services when it comes time to buy or sell a property.

Use technology to your advantage while giving yourself a leg up on the competition. The trick to marketing in 2012 is accessibility and rich content — use it to gain visibility and ultimately grow your business.

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