Seven Ways to Impress Clients Buying a Vacation Home

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People dream of owning a vacation home where they can escape the daily routine for a while. Many of them also profit from having a vacation house by renting it throughout the year. These cautious buyers want a perfect respite that is also a smart investment. Whether buyers want a waterfront property or a cabin in the mountains, discover seven ways to impress clients buying a vacation home.

Get to Know Vacation Home Buyers

Study the demographics of the typical vacation-home buyer in the area. Some of them will be locals, and others may live far away. Be aware of their income and lifestyle habits. Then develop buyer personas based on researched facts. Use these personas to build a marketing approach that resonates with your target market. What do they want from a vacation property? How much can they afford to spend? Answering these questions makes it easier to tailor marketing efforts to attract the right audience.

Understand the Local Market

Savvy agents also research the local market to determine what types of vacation homes sell the fastest and the average sales price for these properties. Knowing the value of vacation houses helps agents price listings competitively for sellers and assist buyers in getting a fair price. Updated research is crucial to ensure accuracy. Vacation homes are often considered a luxury purchase. The luxury market fluctuates based on conditions such as employment rates, average national income, and weather conditions in the area. For example, the value of waterfront property may plummet due to local damage from a hurricane or storm.

Be a Neighborhood Enthusiast

A neighborhood expert knows where the hot spots are and what makes the area desirable to buyers. Show off this expertise by sharing updates via email, text message, and social media. Post informative blog entries about the local market, upcoming events, and regional news. Have a finger on the pulse of what makes the vacation areas accessible. From rolling golf greens to remove link here beautiful beaches, find out what everyone is doing now for fun. Share this information with buyers to show how exciting the area is for vacationers, even offseason.

Showcase Features Vacationers Want

Vacation homes are an oasis away from the everyday world. Buyers want enjoyable amenities that support their laid-back lifestyle during a getaway. Showcase these features with photographs and video, including aerial images and virtual tours. Focus on features that appeal to vacationers, such as a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen, a crystal clear swimming pool, and an indoor fireplace for chilly evenings. During a personal tour, guide them toward these features, pointing out their appeal to vacation homeowners and renters. Stage the focal points so buyers can imagine themselves enjoying their surroundings. For example, toss a couple of luxurious floats into the pool and set the outdoor dining table to look ready for entertaining.

Use Technology to Connect With Buyers

Most vacation home buyers do the majority of their research online, especially those who live far away. Usually, they will make one or two trips to view properties in-person to help them make a decision. Find out the clients’ preferred contact method. Some prefer to have listings and updates sent via text message, email, or social media sharing. Others want a telephone call or snail mailings with printouts and brochures. Optimize all the descriptions and content about the listing to help buyers find it. Use tools such as Google Analytics to find keywords to add to posts, so the search engines and buyers find the listing. Affiliated Betters Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents have access to a wide array of digital marketing tools to connect potential buyers with available vacation properties.

Tap Into Seasonal Marketing Strategies

January through July is usually the hottest time to market vacation homes, depending on the region and climate. In an area known for skiing, the time frame may differ based on when people head to the neighborhood for popular recreational opportunities. Follow the trends and invest in marketing accordingly. Accurate timing is crucial to sell vacation homes faster and attract more qualified buyers. Put the most money and effort into marketing during the months when people are researching vacations and preparing to book them.

Become an Informative Resource

Buyers rely on real estate agents to provide essential information and resources. With out-of-town buyers in mind, create a list of local professionals, including appraisers, accountants, attorneys, inspectors, movers, cleaning crews, pest control services, bankers, and mortgage lenders, Encourage reciprocal referrals from neighborhood businesses you recommend to increase your client base. Also, research the current rental value of local vacation homes. Let buyers know the potential of purchasing a vacation home and renting it. Discuss property management, costs, and other factors to help them make an educated choice. Be ready to answer the typical questions buyers have about vacation properties, from climate concerns to flood insurance. Enthusiastic and fun-loving agents with pinpoint timing can corner the vacation property niche. When an agent impresses clients buying a vacation home, they are sure to share their experiences with family and friends.

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