BHGRE® Spotlight: Amy Lippincott – Deep in the Heart of Real Estate

BHGRE Spotlight: Amy Lippincott - Deep in the Heart of Real Estate -

Texas may be known for its excessive heat, but the weather isn’t the only thing that’s sizzling! The real estate market in the Lone Star state may be the hottest in the country with a whopping ten thousand people moving there a day.

A location as active as that needs strong and efficient real estate leadership, and they’ve found it in Amy Lippincott of Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Gary Greene, based in Houston. I had the chance to speak with Amy about how she’s embraced the Texas heat of the market and become an exemplary agent.

You may be surprised that Amy did not launch her impressive career in real estate. She worked as an elementary school teacher for sixteen years before she decided to take her ambition and leadership out of the classroom and into homes across Texas. After a year of balancing both professions, Amy was ready to make the move to real estate permanent, though it wasn’t an easy task. Amy cites much of her progress in the first few years with her ability to stay calm and focused.

“I learned very quickly [real estate] was something that required lots of patience, and that was something I utilized a lot in my job of teaching.”

Despite facing challenges starting a new career while maintaining her teaching position, Amy kept a positive attitude and patience. Born with a need to succeed and a competitive nature, Amy pushed through the struggles of jumping into a new industry with excellent time management and organizational skills. As a top producer and extremely successful real estate leader, Amy still recognizes that the current Texas craze of the market can sometimes make work feel like a pressure cooker. Between client demands, the sweltering heat, managing a large team, and keeping up with ever-changing marketing initiatives, Amy has her work cut out for her. So how does she keep her team on the right track, be better for her clients, and keep from burning out?

Amy relies on her incredible team to continue to strive forward. She distinguishes clear goals on a weekly and yearly basis, even looking ahead five years into the future. She is always pushing her team further, encouraging a strong support system, and working hard to expect success. At the end of the day, Amy has found a balance of working towards the future while acknowledging the current moment and learning every step of the way. With a combination of patience, competitiveness, leadership, and a positive attitude, Amy has become one of the most celebrated members of the BHGRE® community, yet her focus remains on the client.

“I just believe that we’re making clients for life, and that we want them to be our extended family.”

When looking at her accomplished team and her impeccable reputation, it’s clear Amy has achieved that—and much more.

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