Beta Brokerage Unveiled at Inman 2010 (#icsf)

Each summer for the last several years I’ve packed my bags and headed to San Francisco for the annual Inman Connect conference. This is one of my favorite work trips of the year not only because I’m a big fan of San Francisco, but because I always leave this event with a bunch of ideas and a pocket full of memories.

This year was no exception. The people, knowledge, enthusiasm and genuine excitement for the real estate industry found here is infectious. From interesting speakers like Robert Scoble, Kara Swisher and Cathy Brooks to connecting with lots of fabulous people at our Real Estate in Technocolor booth to the launch of the BHGRE Vook to Sherry Chris being named Innovator of the Year. There was no shortage of bright spots.

One of the most memorable highlights was the unveiling of the Beta Brokerage project. Since the inception of BHGRE in the fall of 2007, we’ve been convinced and intrigued by what most industry practitioners call alternative business models. What we know is that the “traditional” business model is no longer effective for today’s broker/owner or agent. What we are fascinated by are the various business models being explored by courageous entrepreneurs in our industry.

So earlier this year, we started to research some of these interesting real estate innovators. Not so much looking for answers, but looking for options and opportunities for profitability and win-win relationships between the broker, agent and consumer. Our appetite was not just to gain this information for ourselves and BHGRE, but to share it with the industry, as we believe that collaboration will strengthen all of our respective organizations.

That’s how Beta Brokerage was born. We currently have 24 companies listed on our directory. From east coast to west coast. From companies with a small number of agents to a large number. Virtual to bricks and mortar.

We’ve been asked by several people why we didn’t include BHGRE companies on this initial list. It’s not because we don’t have many companies employing unique business models, but because we wanted to remove any perceived bias towards our own franchisees.

We’ve also been asked, “what’s next?” We will continue to grow and add to the Beta Brokerage directory. We have several companies in the cue now that you will see added over the upcoming weeks.

If you have a company or know of an interesting real estate brokerage that you feel should be included,  just send us the info.

A couple of thoughts on the power of  collaboration:

“Synergy: The combined effect of individuals in collaboration that exceeds the sum of their individual effects.”
Stephen R. Covey

“Someone outside your organization today knows how to answer your specific question, solve your specific problem or take advantage of your current opportunity better than you do. You need to find them and find a way to work collaboratively and productively with them.”
lan Lafley, CEO Proctor & Gamble

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