Ten Content Tips Used By the Best Real Estate Sites


Real estate agents need to develop a robust content marketing strategy to be successful. Compelling content is consistent, informative, and persuasive. Top agents have mastered the potential of technology and strong promotional material. Discover ten content tips used by the best real estate sites to link with potential clients and generate more leads and new listings.

Write with Authenticity and Authority

Real estate content should be well-researched, updated, and authoritative. The real estate market is continually changing and evolving. Share the latest findings and statistics. State the facts rather than opinions. Write content in a one-of-a-kind voice. An agent’s personality should be evident in all website content. An authentic approach makes an agent stand out from the competition.

Tell a Unique Story

Every property has its own unique story. Agents and marketers need to find it. Generic listing descriptions sound like everyone else. A distinctive story makes the property and agent memorable. For example, tell buyers how they will feel and live in a particular property. Showcase what makes it different and more appealing than other properties currently on the market.

Be Consistent

Most agents maintain a blog to add fresh content to their websites. New content attracts potential clients and search engines. Post content consistently. While it might be impossible to post articles on the same day and time, set a goal and stick to it. Commit to posting a blog once a week, twice or month, or once a month. Focus on quality rather than quantity. Consider outsourcing this work to a freelance writer if it becomes impossible to fit into your schedule. Consistency is a sign of reliability.

Master One Platform at a Time

Often agents become overzealous about posting to a variety of platforms. In a few weeks, they become burned out and see little or no results. Master one platform at a time. Use resources such as Google Analytics to determine which articles are generating the most traffic and interaction. Expand to social networks, one at a time. Create a professional presence on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Craft content that encourages interaction. Add a call to action to help generate leads.

Check Grammar and Spelling

Great ideas and resources are lost when the content contains misspellings and grammatical errors. Read your work several times to pick up on mistakes and correct them. Have someone else in the office review the content for accuracy. Use a resource such as Grammarly to check all content for spelling and grammatical errors.

Use Visual Elements

Compelling writing provides an image of the property, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Well-written content and imagery are a powerful combination. Add visual elements to website content, blog articles, and social media posts. Include original photographs and videos, infographics, and charts. Use visual elements to make it easy for readers to see statistics, property features, and updates.

Choose a Niche

The generic approach of casting a broad net is ineffective in a competitive real estate market. Rather than trying to appeal to everyone, choose a niche and focus on it. Do you want to work with millennials, veterans and their families or luxury buyers and sellers? Research your target market to craft meaningful content based on their questions and concerns. Perform trend and keyword research to find out what they want to know. Become a go-to resource by providing answers.

Take a Hyper-Local Approach

Nobody knows the local real estate market better than someone who lives there and is immersed in it. Take a hyper-local approach to crafting content and promoting neighborhood properties. Know what properties are worth and why. Visit the local hot spots and events then share information about them at your site. Provide updates and news about the area. Become a reliable local resource, so people remember you when they are ready to buy or sell a home.

Add Community Pages

Adding community pages is another effective way to attract local traffic. Provide an overview of towns, cities, and villages in the area. Include details such as popular parks, restaurants, and attractions. Give people a clear idea of what they can find in a particular neighborhood. Make the areas sound inviting and appealing, so people want to move into them.

Create Evergreen Guides and Checklists

Often real estate content is time-sensitive, such as the latest property listings and market conditions. Create evergreen content that attracts a steady stream of traffic for months or years. Guides and checklists are excellent examples, such as a checklist for selling a house or a guide to buying your first home.

Use these ten smart content tips to become competitive with the best real estate sites in your area. It takes time, consistency, and patience to boost a site’s ranking on the search engines and attract targeted traffic. The effort is worthwhile when agents see more leads come into the office as a result of actionable content.

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