Apps to Improve Your State of Mind

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There are hundreds of free apps that can be beneficial for your state of mind, whether you are looking to be more mindful, relax or learn something new.


Mindfulness can free your mind, improve your ability to focus, reduce stress and help with anxiety. Say goodbye to obsessive thoughts and download the apps below.

  • Headspace: This is a great app with a plethora of tools focused on meditation, sleeplessness and anxiety. It is considered a “gym membership for the mind” and contains tons of guided courses and meditations. It also offers sleep music and soundscapes that are designed to help you get to sleep faster.
  • Calm: If you are looking for peace of mind, this is an app for you. There are practices designed for minimizing stress, reducing anxiety, and even for those looking to break bad habits.
  • Smiling Mind: This app features hundreds of meditations organized into a structured program, and it’s entirely free.

Games And Coloring

Playing games and coloring can be extremely relaxing and are proven to be therapeutic. It allows you to zone out and focus your mind only on what you’re doing. The good news is there are tons of free coloring apps and games, so you don’t need to leave your home or buy supplies.

  • Blendoku: This app is a free puzzle video game that involves colors.
  • Color Therapy: There are a ton of categories and great artwork for you to choose from and color in.
  • Color Me: Coloring Book for Adults: has free pages to color and paint then share with your friends.  
  • Penguin Isle: This idle game has great visuals that provide a calming atmosphere with simple mechanics.  


Read that book you’re been putting off with these apps.

  • Kindle for iPhone: Don’t have a kindle? No problem. This app is free and allows you to read books on your phone.
  • Wattpad: This app offers tons of novels, short stories, and poetry for you to get lost in.
  • Libby: This app allows you to check out books to read or listen to on your phone using your library card.


Learn something new with these great apps.

  • Duolingo: This is a great way to learn a new language. It’s not only effective, but it’s fun and keeps you motivated.
  • Yousican: Learn to play an instrument with tutorials and games.
  • Peak: Challenge your brain with cognitive skills, stimulating games, and workouts.  

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