All Things Real Estate Resource Roundup: Goals that Stick: 1/6/2013

All Things Real Estate Weekly Resource Roundup Goals that Stick

This weeks roundup of All Things Real Estate offers a mix of marketing ideas, social media strategies and professional development tips that will help your business rock in the New Year!

Sit back, grab your cup of coffee and enjoy our real estate roundup of top tweets, posts and blogs from this last week!

Industry News

The 18 Cities Where Housing Is Worse Than It Was Last Year:  The Case-Shiller housing price numbers for October are in and only two cities posted positive numbers.

60 Genius Brands to Watch in 2012 : 2011 was a year of growth and innovation for many companies and 2012 looks to be equally as exciting!  Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate is honored to be mentioned in the AGBeat list of 60 brands poised to dominate in 2012!

Will Housing Market Finally Rebound In 2012?:  Housing prices hit a low in 2011 not seen since 2002, but one analyst believes 2012 is looking better.

The New Year Could Bring Opportunities For Home Buyers: With interest rates and home prices remaining at all time lows, 2012 could be year of major opportunity for both home buyers and agents.

Professional Development

How to Introduce Yourself in a Memorable Way:  If you are a part of a networking group and have sat through dozens of same old, tired introductions then you know the importance of standing out among the crow.  As Terry points out, sameness will kill you.”

A 7 Step Process to Achieving Your Goals: A step-by-step process that will guide you through evaluating all of your current activities and  then wiping out everything that doesn’t advance your key goals.

Why You Need to Make More Mistakes: Successful people tend to have a different view about mistakes than most ordinary people. Not only are they more tolerant of them (in themselves and others), but they often embrace them.  How do you face your mistakes?


How to Market a Real Estate Open House Online & Get More Clients: According to, 45% of home buyers are still using an open house to find their new home.  Is this a strategy you can afford to miss out on?

You Don’t Have to be a Naked Cowboy to Stand Out in 2012:  Is your brand consistent across all your marketing channels? Do your Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and all your other online profiles reflect a consistent and recognizable brand?

4 Reasons Why Prospects Fear Cold Calls:  Do you detest cold calls?  Well so do your prospects.  This article doesn’t discuss how to overcome the objections, but does provide valuable insight into the “why” behind them.  Understanding the why allows you to craft your next call in the hope of overcoming objections and fears before you face the wrath on the other end of the line.

Marketing Strategies: 5 Tips to Turning a Resolution into a Reality: 90% of all New Years resolutions fizzle by the end of January due to a lack of planning, determination and visualization.  Prepare now and become a part of the 10% that succeed!

Social Media & Blogging 

Tweet Late and Email Early: Using Data to Develop a Social Media Strategy: Do you have a Twitter calendar or even an idea of when the top times to tweet are?  How about an email marketing plan?  Get the scoop on where to start for a solid strategy in 2012!

How to Generate One Year Worth of Content Ideas in One Hour:  Do you find yourself hitting a content brick wall?  As bloggers, we all struggle to find valuable topics that make post worthy blogs.  We also struggle to find shareable content to spread across our social networks.  You will never need to worry again after reading this helpful article!

10 Ways to Refresh Your Digital Life in the New Year: It’s a New Year and time for a fresh start.  Get your digital life under control and organized in 2012!


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