BHGRE® Spotlight: Myron Kiriu – Building a Team, Building a Future

BHGRE Spotlight: Myron Kiriu - Building a Team, Building a Future -

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with top producer, CEO and owner of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Advantage Realty Myron Kiriu, to discuss his incredible success and how he went from being broke to being a broker with a remarkable and lasting career.

Myron has grown to develop a distinctive and effective work ethic, leading him to win “Best REALTOR®” in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser five times, among other awards. Located in gorgeous Hawaii, Myron has achieved something of an American dream by cultivating a sustainable, successful real estate career, but his journey was neither quick nor easy.

When Myron began his quest to conquer the real estate industry after a previously failed business, it was 1991 and the market was down. Things would remain difficult for several years. Myron admits to sleeping on a futon with his wife, BHGRE Advantage Realty Vice President of Public Relations Ambur Kim Kiriu, for many nights. During this time Myron and Ambur stayed positive and focused on what could be done to move forward. Even at that time, Myron was privileged with an unwavering support and loyalty from Ambur, the same qualities echoed through his team today. Myron did all that he could afford to do, which was constant cold calling, weekly open houses, and after saving a little money, sending mail-out forms. From there he launched an amazing reputation as a client-first agent, and continued his path onward.

“Nothing comes easy in a down market.”

It was near this time that Myron recognized the need to construct a promising team. Though traditionally real estate is an industry of individualism, Myron found his success multiplied with the support, help and encouragement of coworkers. He recognized early on that victory is reliant on the strength of the team around him. Seemingly incongruent to the very nature of real estate, Myron was able to crack the code on balancing individual and shared achievement. Myron reveals his effective team-building strategy when he states: “Hire for your weaknesses, and stick to your strengths so you don’t try and put anybody in a position where they have to relearn the position. You hire for what they want to do so they’re happy doing it.”

Myron’s team consists of people with varied talents, providing an unmatched opportunity to grow in every area of the industry. With two attorneys, a geographical expert, bilingual team members, and a specialist for both buyers and showings, Myron feels the most important part of his workday is ensuring his team is set up for success. Every day Myron schedules a conference call with the entire team to review individual agendas, offer advice and insights, and discuss how to use one another as a resource. Once a week they meet to talk about weekly goals and think of how to be better for each other and in turn, the client. It truly is a collaborative team able draw upon each other’s strengths in a constructive, encouraging environment.

“Always trying to find ways to be more efficient, to build a better client experience.”

Myron has worked exceptionally hard to build the BHGRE Advantage Realty office into an award-winning, top-notch business. Part of what has propelled him is his ability to recognize weaknesses as opportunities to grow and develop through the hiring of qualified professionals. Following this philosophy has allowed Myron to construct a team of supportive and knowledgeable real estate professionals, and therefore an outstanding client experience.

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