5 Ways to Recruit More Effectively

Posted by Wendy Forsythe

Tomorrow, I’m speaking at RISMedia’s 19th Annual Leadership Conference in New York City. The topic is: “Weeding Out Bad Recruits: 5 Ways to Recruit More Effectively.” I think we need to focus more on weeding out bad recruiters then recruits.

Here are my thoughts on 5 Ways to Recruit More Effectively.

  1. Know Your Audience: Your messaging needs to change for the various candidates you are interviewing. Know the difference between the hot buttons of a Gen Y and those of a Boomer.
  2. Hang Out Where Your Candidates Hang Out: And that’s online. Employ social media and other online strategies in your attraction plans.
  3. Have Success Systems: The days of “here’s your phone and your desk” are gone. What’s your 90-day system for new agents look like? How long before new agents in your office write their first contract? Potential agents considering joining your company want to know how you will coach them through those critical first 3 months. They know that the habits and knowledge learned then will set the stage for future successes.
  4. Have A Distinct Company Culture and Be Able to Share It: What’s the personality of your company?
  5. Set Clear Mutual Expectations and Deliver: This goes both ways. Here’s what I expect from you and here’s what you can expect from me.

There’s nothing quite like September in New York City! Thanks to all the folks at RISMedia for including me in your wonderful conference.

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