5 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Marketing

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Instagram is a powerhouse within the social media industry. It has approximately 75 million daily users, with an average of 70 million photos being posted each day, according to Instagram. This platform provides visual stimulation to its users in a way that has revolutionized the way businesses operate and market today, and engagement on the platform continues at high rates.

With the real estate industry’s focus on aesthetics, Instagram marketing is one way to drive awareness. First, though, you have to learn how to use Instagram for business, and luckily, we have the Instagram marketing tips you need to succeed on this platform within the real estate industry.

1. Define Your Purpose

In order to authentically captivate your audience, you first have to clearly define who you are, your purpose, and why people should follow you. Although your vocation is real estate, you may want to narrow in on an area of expertise, whether it’s a certain style of home, a specific area within your city, or other. Then, produce or share content that proves that you are, in fact, a fount of knowledge, and many benefits will follow.

2. Know Your Audience

Once you’ve clearly defined your Instagram purpose, determining who your target audience is should come easily. If you’re focusing your Instagram marketing on starter family homes, your content should be tailored towards young families. Along with glimpses into your professional life, consider showing images of items like:

  • Child-friendly home accessories
  • Smaller, affordable homes
  • Fenced-in backyards
  • Playgrounds, local schools, communities

3. Always Have Clear Calls-to-Action

One of the biggest mistakes when marketing on Instagram is underestimating the importance of posts’ captions. While a visually appealing photo or video can engage your audience, it won’t encourage your viewers to take action. Use the caption to clearly convey a message to your audience, and make sure it brings value to your viewers. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Looking for a new home like this one? Click on the link in my bio to see available properties
  • This home is for sale! Come check out the open house this Saturday at [time and address]
  • Having trouble making your house look this good? Contact me for a free consultation.

4. Use Appropriate Real Estate Hashtags

While popular real estate hashtags, such as #realestate and #homesforsale will increase your posts’ potential reach, implementing specific hashtags that have smaller numbers allow you to reach your targeted audience more accurately, so be thoughtful when choosing.

Use a hashtag tracking tool to track the performance of your hashtags, and to find new ones to implement into your Instagram marketing strategy. To get started, you can consider using these popular real estate terms, as reported by PostPlanner:

  • #realestate
  • #properties
  • #justlisted
  • #broker
  • #realtor
  • #homesearch
  • #househunting

5. Post at the Best Time for Your Audience

One of the best Instagram marketing tips is to post content at times when your target audience is highly active online. This changes depending on audience demographic, area, season, and more, so you may want to use Instagram insights to narrow in on specific effective times once you’ve created a following.

Marketing on Instagram is powerful. With these Instagram marketing tips, you can increase your following, engage prospective clients and build a strong online presence.

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