5 Facebook Tactics Real Estate Agents Can Leverage to Increase Sales

5 Facebook Tactics Real Estate Agents Can Leverage to Increase Sales - bhgrealestate.com

Social media is an excellent way for real estate agents to reach out to previous clients and new prospects, allowing them to gain a competitive edge. However, simply having a Facebook profile is not enough. It takes a combination of the following five Facebook tactics in order to self-brand, market, and gain clientele, which may in turn help your sales.

1. High-Quality Photos and Detailed Captions

People look to social media platforms for visual stimulation, and posting high-quality photos that pertain to your business is important. If the pictures you post of listings aren’t appealing, the house won’t be either. Sellers who are potential clients may also evaluate your previous posts to see how your social marketing skills can help their listing—and low-quality photos won’t entice them to hire you.

The photo captions areas just as vital; the more detailed information you can provide about a home, the more you can engage a prospective client. You can either include the relevant details or add a link to your text that brings people to a detailed listing page online.

2. Understand Your Target Audience

You need to understand your target audience. Potential buyers will look for a real estate agent whose expertise matches their needs. Whether your niche focuses on houses that are in need of some TLC, condos, or luxury homes, highlight relevant information to your niche throughout your Facebook posts.

3. Don’t Make It All About Real Estate

Potential buyers should be able to go to your Facebook profile and instantly see what it’s about, but at the same time, you don’t want your content to be too single-minded. Let your profile picture clearly show that you’re a real estate agent. The Intro section should be used to quickly showcase your level of experience, home-type niche, why you’re a real estate agent, and how to reach you. It’s a sales pitch that is more personal than the traditional forms. Then use your status updates as a way to offer valuable content. Show passion, creativity, and personality. Ask questions, be helpful, and create conversations to ultimately stand out from your competitors.

4. Join the Community

An excellent marketing tactic for real estate agents on Facebook is to be personable, create conversations and be a part of the community. Steer away from only updating your status with homes for sale, and provide engaging content. This will develop a deeper and a more reliable connection and reputation within the community. Share information and relevant events that are happening in the city or your particular area of expertise, and broaden your reach of potential clients.

5. Market Your Facebook Profile Everywhere

Facebook needs to be integrated into your everyday business. Include your Facebook link on your website, business cards, direct mail postcards and ads so prospects have a quick and easy way to check you out.

Facebook marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool for real estate agents. To use it effectively, you need to find an eloquent blend of professionalism and creativity. Take advantage of everything it has to offer you today.

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