5 Real Estate Apps to Boost Your Productivity

5 Real Estate Apps to Boost Your Productivity - bhgrealestateblog.com

With thousands of apps claiming to boost productivity, you may be wondering which ones actually bring value to your real estate efforts. As a real estate agent, time-saving tools are imperative, and wasting time trying to sort through all the real estate apps simply isn’t plausible. Since you’re constantly on the go in the real estate industry, we have found the top real estate apps for your digital devices, to help you dominate the industry and increase your productivity.


Dotloop is an excellent app for document collaboration and is also a valuable task management tool. It works in a variety of ways that will certainly give you a boost in productivity. Some of the features of Dotloop include the ability to:

  • Upload files for your clients to access
  • Have documents legally and securely signed through e-verification
  • Highlight signature areas to ensure no signature lines are missed
  • Close sales quickly and efficiently
  • Manage workflows


This amazing app is available across all platforms, including your smartphone. It allows you to drag and drop large files into folders for anyone to see, whether you send it to a client, prospective buyer, or your broker. Dropbox can save you an incredible amount of time; with a click of a button, valuable content—documents, photos, videos, presentations, and more—can be received on the other end, regardless of how far away that may be, or how large the file is. Dropbox can be used to:

  • Take and gather photos for your client
  • Have these images available to view instantly, in an organized folder, as opposed to uploading and emailing them over at a later time


Real estate marketing tactics are just as vast as they are time-consuming when performed in full. It can be hard to stay on top of all the blogging, email marketing, social media posting, and other promotional tasks that are helpful in order to become a successful real estate agent. However, apps like MyLifeOrganized will help you manage your digital marketing tactics by:

  • Tracking your schedule to ensure all day-to-day activities are completed
  • Allowing you to manage tasks on the go
  • Giving you location-based alerts to inform you of tasks you have yet to fulfill when you’re close to the area

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck has the power to give you an incredible boost in productivity. It’s a real estate app that can be used on your iPad, iPhone, or computer. It helps you clear away distractions and focus in on your presentations. You can use Haiku Deck to:

  • Create appealing listing presentations in a timely manner, using their professional designs with over 40 million professional photos to use
  • Create presentations of real estate market trends, social media reports, and more

Open Home Pro

Despite only being compatible with iPads, this is one real estate app that deserves to be on this list. Open Home Pro was designed for real estate agents, and can give you an excellent boost in productivity when it comes to open houses. This is a digital sign-in sheet that can help you collect and convert more leads. Open Home Pro allows you to:

  • Collect names of prospective buyers to generate leads
  • Have better organization during open houses
  • Show sellers how well attended their open houses are
  • Showcase your technological edge within the real estate industry to prospective clients

The world of technology has significantly changed the real estate industry. More importantly, it has allowed real estate agents to invest their time more wisely to increase the success of their business. These real estate apps can give you more than just a boost in productivity—they can take your real estate business to the next level.

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